Taylor Swift Will Perform All The Songs From "Folklore" In A Concert Film On Disney+

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Surprise, Swifties! Taylor just announced a Folklore concert film will be dropping on Disney+ at midnight PST tonight, giving us our first glimpse at Taylor performing her eighth album live.

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“Well it’s 11/24 and 24-11=13 so I’ve got an announcement,” Taylor wrote on Twitter, alongside a trailer for the film, which was directed by Taylor herself.

According to a Disney press release, the film will show Taylor performing all of the songs from Folklore in order, and she’ll also be revealing “the stories and secrets behind all 17 songs.”

Disney+ / youtube.com

The trailer gives us a few teasers of the performances from the film, including “Cardigan” and “August.”

It also shows Taylor, Jack Antonoff, and Aaron Dessner — who all wrote and produced on the album — meeting up as a group for the first time.

Disney+ / youtube.com

While Jack Antonoff has been a longtime collaborator of Taylor’s, Folklore was her first time working with Aaron Dessner.

They never actually met in person over the course of making the album due to COVID-19 restrictions on travel and socialising, instead working together cross-country using text messages and voice notes.

The film will also include a guest appearance from Justin Vernon — aka Bon Iver — who collaborated with Taylor on “Exile.”

In addition to the first ever live performances of some of the songs from Folklore, The Long Pond Studio Sessions will show Taylor in conversation with her collaborators about the making of the album.

Disney+ / youtube.com

“There’s something about the complete and total uncertainty of life,” Taylor says of her decision to make the album. “If we’re going to have to recalibrate everything, we should start with what we love the most first.”

“It’s an album that allows you to feel your feelings, and it’s a product of isolation,” she adds in another clip. “This could have been a time when I absolutely lost my mind, and instead I think this album was a real floatation device for both of us.”

“I was so glad we did [work on it],” she tells Jack and Aaron, “because it turned out that everybody needed a good cry as well as us.”

Disney+ / youtube.com

So it turns out Taylor ~does~ have quite a lot going on at the moment, after all. 👀

You can watch the trailer in full here:


Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions will be available to stream on Disney+ from Wednesday at midnight PST.


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