Taylor Swift Says She Found Her Political Voice With The Help Of Joe Alwyn

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Taylor Swift has finally found her political voice and has a very special person to thank for their support.

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In a new interview, Taylor revealed that it was boyfriend Joe Alwyn who encouraged her to be more vocal about her political beliefs.

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“As a country musician, I was always told it’s better to stay out of [politics]. The Trump presidency forced me to lean in and educate myself,” Taylor told Vanity Fair.

While she learned more about where she stood, Taylor says she began having conversations with Joe about her political views.

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“I found myself talking about government and the presidency and policy with my boyfriend, who supported me in speaking out,” Taylor wrote in her interview with the magazine.

And in October of 2018, Taylor did just that while endorsing Democratic candidate Phil Bredesen in the Tennessee Senate race.

“I’m proud to have moved past fear and self-doubt, and to endorse and support leadership that moves us beyond this divisive, heartbreaking moment in time,” Taylor added.

Although Bredesen didn’t win the seat, his loss and a string of other disappointing political moments inspired Taylor to write her politically-charged track “Only The Young” in the hopes of encouraging others to fight for what they believe is right.

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“I didn’t want the defeat and hopelessness I felt for our country’s future to get the best of me. I didn’t want to weep. I wanted to have hope. Writing ‘Only the Young’ helped me push through that moment in my life and gave me the hope to keep fighting for what I believe is right,” explained to the magazine.

The heart-wrenching track touches on sensitive subjects including gun violence in schools, the results of the 2016 election, and the constant barrage of bad news.

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“You go to class, scared / Wondering where the best hiding spot would be / And the big bad man and his big bad clan / Their hands are stained with red,” Taylor sings on the track.

“This particular song, and the process of creating it, was a perfect example of how visceral writing a song can be. [With songwriting] you try to transport yourself back to a time you felt intense emotion and write from that place. Every once in a blue moon, you end up in the studio at the exact moment you’re feeling that raw emotion,” Taylor shared.

Listen to all of “Only The Young” below…

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