Halle Berry Explained How She's Teaching Her Son To Avoid Gender Stereotypes, And It's Super Inspiring

[ad_1] Halle Berry is a legend. View this photo on Instagram @halleberry / Instagram / Via instagram.com During a virtual panel at the Sundance Film Festival hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Berry — who directed and starred in the upcoming MMA drama Bruised — spoke about the importance of teaching her 7-year-old son […]

People Shared The Most Messed-Up Things Characters Did In Kids Movies, And It's Nightmare-Inducing

[ad_1] We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community a very important question: “What is, undoubtedly, the most fucked-up thing a character has ever done in a movie 100% made for children?” And WHEW, did they come through with some nightmare-inducing answers! So here are just a few of the most fucked-up character moments featured […]

Bella Hadid's New Hair Is A Tribute To Chuckie From 'Rugrats' And It's Really Working For Me

[ad_1] There’s no doubt that Bella Hadid can pull off any throwback hairstyle, whether it’s curtain bangs or a snatched high pony. View this photo on Instagram Instagram/@bellahadid / Via instagram.com Or cosplaying a ‘90s cartoon character — aka Chuckie Finster from Rugrats! Bella paid tribute to the beloved character on Instagram with a selfie […]

Hilaria Baldwin Responded To People Who Accused Her Of Pretending To Be Spanish, And It's A Lot

[ad_1] If you’ve popped onto Twitter.com today, you may have noticed Hilaria Baldwin’s name trending. Mike Coppola / Getty Images You know, Hilaria — Fitness guru, mother of five kids with Alec Baldwin. Now, you may have been under the impression that Hilaria is Spanish. For one, numerous articles (and Google) say she was born […]