Joshua Jackson Is Totally Opposed To A "Dawson's Creek" Revival, And Please Don't Come For Me But I Don't Disagree With Him

[ad_1] Dawson’s Creek fans have been itching for a reboot, reunion, original cast revival — any continuation of the popular teen drama, really — for years. Joshua Jackson is aware of this, but he doesn’t exactly feel the same way. Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images Joshua — who currently stars in Peacock’s new crime drama […]

I Truly Don't Understand This Hobby That Kesha Picked Up From Demi Lovato, But I Respect It

[ad_1] So, Kesha’s got a new hobby. View this photo on Instagram @iiswhoiis / Via Finished guessing? Fine, I’ll tell you: It’s summoning aliens. And she picked it up from Demi Lovato. No, I’m not joking. View this photo on Instagram @iiswhoiis / Instagram / Via In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kesha […]

19 Haunting Food Pictures That Just Don't Sit Right With Me, Sorry

[ad_1] 1. This suspiciously well-camouflaged chip that’s a little too well-camouflaged: The way these chips match my countertop from mildlyinteresting 2. This ramen that technically never expires, I guess??? This ramen expires on a nonexistent day from mildlyinteresting 3. This mystical ~Pringles portal~: Ring of Pringles, held together by only friction and gravity from mildlyinteresting […]

People Are Sharing The Characters You Don't Realize Are The "Actual Villains" In TV Shows And Movies, And It's True

[ad_1] Ever look back at a movie or show and realize the character everyone loved — or was supposed to love — was actually the one who was problematic AF? Well, for months now people on Twitter are reflecting on movies/shows and picking out the “actual villain.” NBC Here’s what they said: 1. Mean Girls: […]

Sophie Turner Dragged People Who Don't Wear Masks In Public In A Simple Yet Effective Instagram Video

[ad_1] Sophie Turner is reviving her side hustle of spilling the tea. Phillip Faraone / WireImage The Game of Thrones alum posted a video to her Instagram story on Wednesday with a quick public service announcement stressing the importance of wearing a mask during the coronavirus pandemic. best of sophie turner @badpost_sophiet NEW 🎥 Sophie […]