"SNL" Aired A Controversial A Sketch About Morgan Wallen's Partying During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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This weekend, country star Morgan Wallen made his SNL debut in an episode hosted by Jason Bateman. Not only did Morgan perform on the show as a musical guest, but he also played himself in a rather controversial sketch about partying during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Morgan, Jason, and Heidi

Nbc / Rosalind O’Connor / NBC

Before we get into the specifics of the sketch, allow me to give you a little background on the situation. Originally, Morgan was announced as the musical guest for the October 10th episode of SNL, performing alongside host Bill Burr.

Bill Burr performing his monologue

Nbc / Will Heath / NBC

However during the week of his performance, videos surfaced online of the country star unmasked and ignoring social distancing guidelines at a University of Alabama party.


what is life . #morganwallen #bama #fyp @morganwallen

♬ This Bar – Morgan Wallen

At that time, SNL had just returned to the studio for the first time during the pandemic and was hosting live audience members again. They enforced strict COVID-19 guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone involved, including daily tests and requiring masks at all times.

Morgan was pulled from the episode, and took to Instagram to apologize for his actions. Jack White went on to fill his vacancy on the show.

Fast forward to this weekend, where Morgan made his Saturday Night Live debut almost two months after his initial controversy. And in true SNL fashion, he addressed the elephant in the room in a sketch.

Two guests saying Morgan is probably taking pandemic precautions because he is hosting and wallen walking into the party saying "to no consequences!'


Jason Bateman and Bowen Yang played alternative versions of Morgan from one and two months into the future, respectively. They poked fun at Morgan’s “airtight logic” of asking the girl not to post the video of them kissing and warned him about the consequences of being at the party.

Morgan, Bowen, and Jason


Pete Davidson played a fellow partygoer who joked about why Morgan was invited back to the show so soon. He clarified it wasn’t SNL creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels that booted Morgan from the show initially, but NBC executives.

Pete saying Wallen will take responsibility and come back to SNL because not many people want to fly to new york now


And finally, Morgan concluded the sketch with a song he wrote about the whole predicament called “Focus On The Future.”

Morgan singing about how kissing girls distracts you from the world and thanking SNL for giving him a second chance


You can watch the whole thing for yourself below:

View this video on YouTube

NBC/SNL youtube.com

The sketch was certainly controversial, with some people glad to see Morgan being a good sport about it all…

Morgan Wallen in a skit w/ Jason Bateman making fun of himself is exactly the content I was hoping for, thank you SNL 👏🏻👏🏻

…and others disappointed with the show for joking about being irresponsible in a pandemic that’s already claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

SNL should be fucking embarrassed for letting Morgan Wallen back on and not only that, but for making a joke about it

Am I the only one who is kinda disappointed that SNL gave Morgan Wallen a second chance? Punishing him with a skit that requires him to laugh at himself in no way makes up for the danger that he put people in #SNL

snl kicking morgan wallen for being an absolute idiot during covid only to ask him back like a month later and make a cheeky lil sketch about him being an idiot is the biggest joke they could have possibly written

This person also pointed out that it felt a little hypocritical that the sketch came directly after one where the folks at SNL discussed spending the holidays away from family and friends this year.

snl transitioning from “stay safe. from snl.” to a whole ass confusing morgan wallen partying sketch is my villain origin story

You can watch that sketch — “The Christmas Conversation” — here.

So, what do you think? Did the sketch make light of a bad situation, or did they take this one a little too far? Let us know in the comments below!


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