Sabrina Carpenter Shared A New Song And I Need To Hear A Studio Version Right Away

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You know Sabrina Carpenter — and you’ve probably been listening to “Skin” a lot too.

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Well, it looks like Carpenter’s been cooking up more music: She just posted a video of herself performing a new song, “Before I Had Love.”

an original for all the lovers at home🧸 this is called ‘before i had love’

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“An original for all the lovers at home,” she captioned the recording, which runs a little over a minute and a half and features Carpenter singing the fresh tune while sitting at a keyboard.

Of course, there’s very good reason to be intrigued at new music from Carpenter right now.

Carpenter’s since talked about what “Skin” is actually about — but that hasn’t stopped people from thinking otherwise.

“I do feel like I’m saying things if you’re paying attention,” she recently told James Corden when the late-night host accused her of “skirting around the controversy” surrounding the “Drivers License” drama. “Maybe I’m not saying the things you want me to say.”

Well, I guess we’re just gonna have to listen harder!

Sabrina Carpenter on the red carpet at the 2020 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest of All Time event

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