"Running Naked" Is The Feel-Good Indie Flick We Could All Do With Watching Right Now

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When you hear the title Running Naked, you might imagine a movie somewhat similar to The Full Monty or Magic Mike, but you’d be wrong, sir!

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WELL, technically the main characters Ben and Mark do run around a hospital together butt naked, but the film is so much more than its titular titillation! It’s really a film about friendship, finding love, and seizing life while you still can.

This feel-good, family flick – which premieres tonight at 8pm on World Cancer Day – tells the story of Ben and Mark, two average joes who bond as teenagers battling cancer in hospital and become lifelong friends. You can watch the trailer below.


In a series of flashbacks, we learn how the boys became mates whilst sharing a ward and making mischief around the hospital. Meanwhile, the main story reveals what Ben and Mark have been doing since beating acute leukemia years ago.

As adults, Ben and Mark are stuck in a rut: Mark’s love life is in tatters, and Ben is in a dead-end job and every day must battle his ever-worsening OCD symptoms. When one of them receives life-changing news, however, things soon get put into stark perspective.

NoW Films

Cue a series of hilarious mishaps that allow the pair to rediscover a crucial part of themselves they haven’t known since they were a pair of reckless teens living for the moment!

NoW Films

There might even be a twist in the story that’ll keep you guessing – I do LOVE a twist!!

You may recognise some familiar faces in the amazing cast, which includes Rakhee Thakrar, Matthew McNulty, Tamzin Merchant, and Andrew Gower.

NoW Films

And be prepared to cry a little (or maybe a lot), but don’t worry, there’s plenty of laughs along the way too!

NoW Films

Basically, this film is super uplifting and will undoubtedly remind viewers to live life to the fullest every day, and to never become content with less than you deserve! And who doesn’t need that feel-good energy right now?!

NoW Films

This movie is gonna go down in history among the annals of great British films like Me Before You, About Time and Calendar Girls – so don’t miss out! Running Naked premieres tonight at 8pm and you can get your tickets here.

NoW Films

Tickets cost £5 and a portion of each ticket sale will be donated to Teenage Cancer Trust and Weston Park Cancer Centre.

You can also purchase the movie on iTunes from 8th February, and it will be available to stream on other platforms such as Virgin, SKY, Amazon, and Chili thereafter.


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