People On Twitter Accurately Summarized 2020 In These 18 Perfect Tweets

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Nobody could foresee or even dream up what 2020 had in store for us. It’s been one hell of a year. Here are some of the hilarious and mega-viral tweets that perfectly capture what it was like on a spiritual and emotional level. (And while you’re laughing quietly to yourself, but sure to give them a follow.)


sorry i didnt respond to ur email in a timely fashion i literally cannot tell days apart anymore and thought today was 2 weeks ago


professors be like “i know these are troubling times” then be the trouble during the times


How it started: How it’s going:

I’m gonna write I have
a novel during forgotten how
quarantine to read



“i can’t wear a mask because i have breathing problems” ok i have a big fat tonka truck earth shattering ass but i still wears pants so..


A student signed their email “pandemically.” Glad to see they are coping with some email salutation humor.


I sent my mom a photo of the sky and she’s dealing with her own crisis


Dunkin Donuts is out here having a breakdown like the rest of us


my little sister is staying home for her first semester of college so i’m gonna puke in her shower and set off the fire alarm at 3am so she can get the true freshman year dorm experience



My Nan’s best friend lives at the end of the garden, so they open their adjoining gate (best friend goals), take a chair and sit and talk to each other either side wearing their masks. It was today I found out that this is the mask my Nan has been wearing.


to be honest i am NOT feeling automatic supersonic hypnotic funky fresh


Me, in six weeks, talking about the plant in my living room.



quarantine taught me that u don’t need fun to have alcohol


how are the “concerts were my whole life & entire personality” people doing now in quarantine





you’ve heard of fomo now get ready for fobi (fear of being included)


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