People Are Sharing The Foods They've Snuck Into Movie Theaters And I'm Extremely Impressed

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As a seasoned movie-watcher, I’ve been known to bring my own snacks to theaters every once in a while. I mean, have you seen the price of candy lately?!


So, when Twitter user @LocalSoundwave asked, “What are some foods you’ve snuck into movie theaters?” I knew I was in for a wild ride.

now that movie theaters are dead and can’t arrest us, what are some foods you’ve snuck into movie theaters

Here are some of the most creative responses:


before theaters died I took a Popeye’s Chicken sandwich in my jacket pocket like it was a colt 45


@LocalSoundwave Full bottle of wine, two glasses, a baguette, and brie.

Sounds fancy but all from Trader Joe’s. And worth it.


@LocalSoundwave An entire pizza. Truly enormous purse, but I rolled it up, wrapped it in wax paper and then made sure that there was a box with a very visible Tampax label on top and just stared the ticket taker down.


@LocalSoundwave Once I sat next to a lady that looked pregnant. Then she pulled half a seran wrapped watermelon out from under her shirt and started eating it with a spoon from her purse.


@LocalSoundwave A full 12 pack of bottles. And right when the previews ended and before the movie started — in dead silence — my foot hit one empty and it rolled down the entire theater, gaining speed, and getting louder with each rotation. It. Was. Amazing. 🙂


@LocalSoundwave My three roommates and I snuck in 10 pounds of Indian food to Beauty and the Beast by wearing baggy tops and carefully placed jackets. I had two mango lassis in my waistband and another in my bell-sleeved sweater sleeve.


@LocalSoundwave My girlfriend and I snuck burritos into opening night of The Post and midway through the movie, in a sold out theater, she leaned over and said “I just swallowed some tinfoil.”


@LocalSoundwave An entire bottle of champagne. I popped it open in the bathroom when I thought I was alone and a woman screamed from another stall


@LocalSoundwave for Mad Max: Fury Road my friend & i made tofu spring rolls and peanut sauce. in order to see the rolls for squirting on the sauce we had to hold them up in front of the screen 😅


@LocalSoundwave I snuck in a Little Caesars pizza by wearing it as a backpack underneath a coat lmao


@LocalSoundwave a bowl of pasta from noodles and company between my coat and shirt (pulled my coat taunt to suspend it) a glass bottle of izze up my sleeve, and a cookie under my knit hat.


@LocalSoundwave my sister brought an entire tamal to the force awakens.


@LocalSoundwave I filled this bad boy with potato salad for the Avengers Infinity War premiere


@LocalSoundwave We had a wendy’s in the same lot as our theater. SO many JBCs over the years. But one day I was feeling frisky and had a medium frosty upright in each pocket. Plan was going great…and then I sat down and had to dig handfuls of loose frosty outta my pockets through the credits.


@adityav84 @LocalSoundwave I think about the time I was craving a Taco Bell quesadilla so I hid it under my sweater like a bulletproof vest


@LocalSoundwave A charcuterie board and 2 bottles of wine into the first Hunger Games movie. There was also a huge bag of starburst and I think the other bag was Take 5s?

Honestly, I’m still so impressed at the amount we smuggled in that night.


@LocalSoundwave Mother in law brought in a 16 piece fried chicken from the grocery store hot food section and a little kid a few rows in front said “mom it smells like chicken”


@LocalSoundwave Once, between two friends and I, we smuggled in three BK meals with fountain sodas. I clutched the 3 sodas under my coat like I was pregnant. Everyone else had pockets of burgers and fries.


@LocalSoundwave I put a hot dog in my makeup bag once


@LocalSoundwave One time I made 2 lbs of spaghetti and snuck it into a theater in a tupperware. Brought a fork and some parmesan cheese. I went to this movie alone too lol

Honorable mention:

@LocalSoundwave I’ve found some weird shit working in a movie theater. Weirdest item of food was a half-eaten birthday cake. And I don’t mean half of it was sliced off, I mean someone had taken bites out of this huge fucking cakr.


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