Mansion of Hidden Souls

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Has anyone heard about where souls are hidden in a mansion it is amazing and at the same time credible souls generally are spirits that are immortal beings that wander the earth,they are believed to be seeking for revenge,Also they are the inner garment of the living person,when a person dies the soul goes into purgatory awaiting judgement from God to be accepted into Heaven.
The souls seeks vengeance from a mortal,the spirits appears to people that see them with their naked eyes in broadday light,in the daytime or at night when everyone is asleep.
When a person has fulfilled the killing of bad people,the spirits of the dead people bids the person goodbye,thanks him or her for fulfilling the quest and disappears in a flash,the spirits are gone forever to find sanctuary in Heaven.
The mansion of hidden souls is another blockbuster fiction written by me to excite viewers and audience alike with a view to tell stories about ghosts that they hear about,which is a fable to enlighten them on spirits that roam the earth seeking vengeance .Ghosts are not real,but people have had encounters with them one on one.
It follows movies like the Ghost Rider 1,Ghost Rider 2:The spirit of vengeance,e.t.c.It tells a story about a group of bounty hunters who were on a monsters that have been terrorising the town of Florida,they are vicious and fierce looking,they are agents of darkness who kill people who cross their path,they come from hell in order to take over the world,they are three in number namely,Black Soul,Hades and Armageddon,they are not human beings,they have smoke on their bodies,wherever they go,they kill people who cross their path without mercy,actually they were sent to Hell by Saint Michael the Archangel because of the sins they have committed.Their leader is Lucifer,the representative of the Devil,he is also not human as well,he holds a walking stick which is very powerful,he is a grey-haired man,whose mission is to kill people.
The names of the bounty hunters are Wesley Bent [Horse rider],Michael Caine [Crossman],and Peter Druker [Fireman] and a caretaker [Carter Pate]the Keeper of souls who tells them that their mission is to destroy Lucifer and his agents,Black Soul,Hades and Armageddon who are after the contract as well as the agents as well.He turns them into heroes by turning them into fireman,crossman and horse rider,they are told not to have contact with humans in order not to risk being exposed,each of them have ladies that they are dating namely,Sharon Stone,Michelle One,and Emily White,they are journalists working in a media company in New York.Meanwhile,Wesley Bent,Michael Caine and Peter Druker before they became bounty hunters,they were sportsmen riding motorbikes in Los Angeles.
The fiction story is full of action,thriller and suspense.
Back to the action.
The Arch-enemies,Black Soul,Hades and Armageddon were terrorising people,killing them same for Lucifer,he too was on a hunting spree.
Eventually,Michael Caine,Peter Druker and Wesley Bent eventually became bounty hunters when they came face to face with Carter Pate [The caretaker of souls]when he told them that their mission is to hunt Lucifer,Black Soul,Hades and Armageddon,who are hunting them,they were dating the ladies in their lives when they had an encounter with the caretaker.
Eventually,they revealed themselves to the ladies they are dating not to tell anyone and to keep it a secret.
Meanwhile,Lucifer and his agents they eventually got hold of Sharon Stone,Michelle One and Emily White,there were exchange of combat between the bounty hunters and them which led to chaos in the city,which attracted a lot of attention,eventually Lucifer and His agents were killed in the process.A sigh of relief returned to the city.

Michael Caine,Wesley Bent and Peter Druker are jolly friends working in a sports company riding motorbikes for them,getting paid for the services that they do,they are sportsmen doing all kinds of dangerous stunts on the sports arena,which thrilled a lot of spectators and fans alike with a lot of fanfare with fireworks and displays by cheerleaders especially the ladies who wore sports jerseys,a lot of fireworks on display with pump and pageantry.
A lot of cameramen and journalists were on ground to cover the event,with a lot of dignitaries all attended the event.
Pete,Wesley and Michael all had a good time and were decorated with medals with them taking pictures with everyone including the cheer ladies,it was a joyful day for them as well.
Meanwhile,Lucifer and his agents,Black Souls,Hades and Armageddon arrived the earth from hell where Saint Michael the Archangel sent them to because of the sins they have committed.
They were on a mission to kill people who stood in their way without mercy,their target was to get the contract in order to become powerful and take over the earth.
They looked vicious and aggressive,they are not human beings at all,they look like ashes wherever they go,smoke al around them,they walk together as a group,on a hunting spree,Lucifer,the leader is a grey-haired being who is not human at all.He is capable of turning into a Lion,he carries a walking stick with him which he uses to strike people with.
Michelle One,works in a news media company as a journalist where she writes stories for them and distributes them to sell to people in form of articles and newspapers,she is lively,beautiful and focused,she is dating Wesley Bent,the sportsman they are fond of each other,they call each other at their places of work.
Sharon Stone also works in a news company as an editor there,she oversees to the running of the company,she edits articles and sends to her boss for his approval which he gives.She too is dating Michael Caine,a sportsman as well,they are in love with each other,they phone each other as well.
Emily White works as a freelance writer for a newspaper company,her job is to write articles and sell to them for a price,she too is dating Peter Druker,a sportsman also they call each other as well.
While that is ongoing,Lucifer and his agents were killing people on sight,they were moving from place to place on different occasion,Lucifer also as well was on a killing spree.
Wesley Bent,Michael Caine,Peter Druker,Sharon Stone,Michelle One,Emily White,were having a good time when they sighted strange people like the Lucifer and his agents they fled to safety on getting there,Michael,Peter and Wesley were taken away from them by a stranger Carter Pate,a caretaker and keeper of souls,Sharon,Michelle and Emily were paniking all to no avail,they were nowhere to be found,meanwhile Michael,Peter and Wesley were taken to a strange place by Carter Pate,who was dressed in trousers,teeshirt and a jacket,they were taken unawares by surprise,no clue where they were,asking for answers like why are they here?.
Carter Pate,seeing inquisitiveness in their eyes told them that Lucifer and his agents are out there to seek the contract to take over the earth thereby unleashing thousands of souls,which they listen with keen attention and where told not to keep contacts with the ladies they love in order not to endanger their lives after saying this,he turns them into bounty hunters namely,Crossman,Fireman and Horse Rider with their new found powers and where given the contract to guard with all their lives and shown the mansion were  souls were kept.
Carter Pate rode with them to the city where Lucifer and his agents were riding on,killing people,they spotted Emily,Michelle and Sharon taken hostage by them on getting there,the agents,Black Soul,Hades and Armageddon engaged them in a fierce combat,which they died in the process by unleashing the contract of souls on them,feeding on them,meanwhile Lucifer and Carter Pate fought each other one on one in the end,Lucifer was killed by Carter Pate through the crucifix.Michael,Wesley and Peter went to see them in their form as bounty hunters,they called them,they were surprised to see them and told them all that happened and the reason they had to defeat Lucifer and his agents.
Carter Pate thanked the bounty hunters and told them to keep the contract,he disappeared in their presence.
Peter,Wesley,Michael and the ladies got married,settled down,the city was safe once again.
The End.

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