Madonna Just Got Her First Tattoo And I'm Honestly Surprised

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Excuse my mind for being just a little blown here, but…Madonna. Just. Got. Her. Very. First. Tattoo.

That’s right: 62-year-old musical icon Madonna — who has seemingly done literally everything there is to do in pop music and beyond — just got her first tattoo. I know!

And Madonna documented the whole process on Instagram, from meeting the tattoo artist…

@madonna / Instagram / Via

The artist in question? East Iz, of the Hollywood tattoo shop Shamrock Social Club.

To deciding where the tattoo should be placed…

@madonna / Instagram / Via

To going under the needle to get the ink work done…

@madonna / Instagram / Via

To finally admiring the finished product.

@madonna / Instagram / Via

So what’s the tat? It’s the letters “L,” “R,” “D,” “M,” “S,” and “E” — the initials of her children Lourdes, Rocco, David, Mercy, Stella, and Estere.

@madonna / Instagram / Via

That’s why she hashtagged the post “#family” — because, after all, what’s more important than family?


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