love and money: a critical part in a relationship

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love is a strong feeling of is also a strong feeling linked with sexual attraction in a relationship.
love is a mysterious as well as wonderful thing for both partners who really love themselves that much with the quest of getting to know themselves much better ,know about their abilities and talents,where they come from,as well as as their areas of passion and pursuit and talents being involved.
money on the otherhand,is the accumulation of wealth by means of investment in enterprises that are productive and lucrative which yields profit or loss as the case maybe,if not well invested.
relationship in terms of love and money go had in hand because without it,they need each other,they are inseparable.they are like semi is complicated in a relationship because a lot of people are engaged to their boyfriends,girlfriends as well as future partners with the intention of getting married,raising a family as well as getting jobs to support themselves.
the bible in the book of 1 corinthians 13:4-8:it talks about the qualities of love which is love is patient,love is kind,it does not envy,it does not boast,it is not proud,it does not dishonour others,it is not self-seeking,it is not easily angered,it keeps no record of does not delight in evil but rejoices with the always protects,always trusts,always hopes,always perseveres.above all love never fails.
the biblical description of love well detailed and self-explanatory.the bible makes us to adhere to god’s word about love,money and relationship and how to seek god’s face concerning them.
there are different types of love namely:
1.agape love:which is the love of god
2.philia or affective love:physical attraction
3.erotic love:romantic or sexual feelings
4.storge or  familiar love:the love of children and parents
5.ludus or playful love:affection between young lovers
6.mania or obsessive love:which is love of self-esteem and self-value
7.pragma or enduring love:which deals with tolerance and patience among partners
8.philauta or self love:which is love for others as well as oneself.
having giving out the types of love the one which is most common is erotic love because it involves romantic and sexual feelings among lovers meeting themselves for the first time in a resort,swimming pool,beach,sports club,cinemas,church had to do with connection between a man and a woman like physics the law of attraction which states that like charges repel,unlike charges attract.that is what love is all is like a feeling of aroma that that adds flavour to the they say is blind,it cuts across all tribes,races,and religion e.t.c. love is an aroma for a relationship to succeed.
when a man is attracted to a lady,it is because of the fact that he wants to get to know her.what attracts a man to a woman is her makeup,hair,perfume as well as her lovely body,also her level of intelligence and the way she talks to him and others around her.and her smile as well.
when a man and a woman are in love with each other,nothing else matters to them that much.when he meets the lady he introduces himself to her by telling her his name,his background and what he feels about her and that he means no harm at all towards her.she introduces herself to him and acknowledges him as well.she asks for his phone number telling him that she will call him at the appropriate time and smiles at him and goes.the man is happy because the lady has made his day.which is a good thing to him.
money also is critical in the relationship in terms of marriage,job,family responsibilities and social is critical because love cannot exist without money in an ideal society.there are things money can buy and things money cannot buy.
things money can buy include clothes,food,shelter,cars,appliances e.t.c. things money cannot buy include love,patience,kindness,peace and joy.
money is important in a relationship it cannot be overemphasized on the fact that it cements a good relationship to work out well.
in 1 timothy 6:10:it says the love of money is the root of all evil.i believe it has to deal with lack of money that is the root of all evil that is the root cause of all evil.that is the reason why a lot of relationships has hit the rocks because parents want their daughters to marry rich men to uplift their families.without putting their children’s happiness into consideration.
love on the otherhand,has its ups and downs,a lot of divorce cases are on the increase because of forced early marriages,not having enough time to get to know each other,marrying too early,not being exposed well enough.e.t.c.
envy,jealousy,enimity have creped into the relationship.ladies fighting over a man who is in love with a lady which is embarrasing.relationship to some people is a mystery waiting to be revealed and understood.
love is a complex word to some set of people who are not  keen on love because they believe it is for kindergarten kids who like it.
envy and jealousy the enemies of love have ruined genuine relationships to thrive.when a man finds a lady to begin a genuine relationship with,a lot of ladies are envious and jealous of the lady because she is in love with him and want to compete with her and fight with her for no genuine reason whatsoever.because the man did not settle for one of them.
love is like a flower planted on the tilled ground waiting to grow and harvest at the appropriate time,it requires patience,dedication and committment from both partners for it to succeed.
love i would add heals broken wounds who are hurt,especially those whose hearts are quick to love again.
money on the otherhand,has being manipulated by those who feels that they can buy a woman’s love with it in cash equivalent.forgetting that riding expensive cars and clothes can sweep a woman of her feet pride and arrogance smears love as it concerns relationship.
a lady needs a man who is loving,caring,patient,kind and understanding  who has plans of marrying her.

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