Listen: Dry-Scooping, Surgery Fails, And The Medical TikToks We Can’t Stop Thinking About

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Welcome to another episode of BuzzFeed Daily!

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On today’s episode:

1. Lately, it’s almost impossible to avoid the latest viral TikTok taking over the internet. From freezing your eggs to “dry-scooping” your protein powder, some videos are not only stopping us in our tracks, but they’re also offering us some crucial information about our health.


Never assume that they have dry scooped before just because they workout. #MillionActsofLove #workout #preworky #fyp


And just in case you missed any of the viral trends EVERYONE is talking about, our resident TikTok Whisperers, BuzzFeed’s Krista Torres and Daniella Emmanuel, are here with an update on some of the latest videos taking over your feed — and some of them are no joke.

2. Jean Yoon is opening up about her “painful” experience working on Kim’s Convenience.

Isaiah Trickey / FilmMagic

3. Hotel employees reveal their darkest, nastiest secrets — and you’re going to want to lie down after hearing them.

Hispanolistic / Getty Images

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