Listen: BuzzFeed And Oxygen's New True Crime Show "The Case Died With Her" Offers New Clues About Emilie Morris

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Welcome to another episode of News O’Clock!

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Courtesy of the Morris family

On today’s episode:

1. Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID vaccine was approved in the UK for emergency use.

Photonews / Getty Images

2. Former President Barack Obama has some feelings on Dolly Parton and catchy slogans.

Abc / Getty Images

3. Real housewife Erika Jayne and her estranged husband have been accused of embezzling cash from plane crash victims.

Bravo / Getty Images

4. LA officials are taking a lot of heat after shutting down a popular COVID testing site to allow the reboot of “She’s All That” to film scenes.

Mega / GC Images

5. AND we’re joined by Jessica Testa to discuss the new Oxygen and BuzzFeed true crime special “The Case Died With Her.”

Courtesy of the Morris family

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