Lena Waithe Is The Main Event This Season On "Master Of None"

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After a 4-year hiatus, Aziz Ansari’s Netflix comedic drama Master of None has returned! But it looks a little different this time.


And, accordingly, is going by Master of None Presents: Moments in Love.

The show still delivers what it does best — namely, deep-diving into the ugly side of love and relationships — but focuses 100% on the character of Denise (Lena) and her wife, Alicia (played by Naomi Ackie).

Denise in shorts and a sweatshirt with Alicia in a hair wrap and casual dress, dancing while folding their laundry in front of the dryer in their laundry room

Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

This is a sensitive time for Aziz and Lena, as Aziz is still tiptoeing back into the spotlight after a sexual misconduct scandal, and Lena has recently seen some backlash over some of her other programming.

Dev and Denise in nice button-down shirts and blazers holding drinks at a bar, looking unamused at each other

K.C. Bailey / ©Netflix / Courtesy: Everett Collection

Maybe these two creators are at their peak when laying out stripped-down, soul-baring stories of real life and love, which this show has in spades.

Denise in oversized tie-dyed shirt and sweats with Alicia in tiger pattern pajamas sitting in bed looking very concerned

Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

The two co-wrote every episode, with Aziz in the director’s chair, and it’s a poignant, honest portrayal of 30-something life. I laughed, ugly-cried (a lot), and took to Twitter to share the pain. Check out some reactions below.

Alicia in a long skirt and big leather jacket and Denise in a Carhartt jacked and slacks leaning on a fence, looking out wistfully

Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

🚨 Warning: Spoilers ahead for Master of None Presents: Moments in Love. 🚨


Go watch “Master of None” season 3😭!!!It was the most accurate display of a lesbian relationship I’ve ever seen on film(Lena Waithe) and I literally couldn’t believe how beautiful and poetic it was. It felt so good to be represented properly.

Twitter: @justmishkah_cpt


I’d like to think that Aziz Ansari was so shaken by charges of toxic masculinity that he wrote season 3 for atonement-he took out all masculinity from the entire series, appearing in a cameo only as an object of pity. And threw in an issue that millions of women identiy with

Twitter: @sunetrac


Watching the Twitter salt mines flow as folks who’ve enjoyed decades of representation in hohum TV are up in arms about Denise & Alicia taking center stage. I’m here for every awkward, witty, painful, spectacular minute. WOW. #MasterOfNone3 #MasterOfNone @AzizAnsari #lenawaithe

Twitter: @planetdma


season 3 of Master of None is damn good, lena waithe & aziz ansari wrote & directed tf out of this season & it has me feeling all the feelings

Twitter: @tinytot_onthego


Lena Waithe is a combination of every ex boyfriend I’ve ever had in the third season of #MasterOfNone3

Twitter: @PointsKia


The new season of #MasterOfNone3 is just *chef’s kiss*! Perfection from writing, to direction, colour correction, and perfectly lighting black people of different shades! @azizansari and #lenawaithe outdid themselves 👏🏿 👏🏿 👏🏿 👏🏿 👏🏿

Twitter: @girlinthetank


Master of None S3 is very good.

Kudos to @azizansari, props to Lena Waithe for expanding the character, and to Thimios Bakatakis for the cinematography.

Twitter: @algergawi


I’m really digging the vibe. Lena Waithe is ALL.

Twitter: @SeanRobbins13


S3 of Master of None starring Lena Waithe, directed by Aziz Ansari and both of them wrote every episode

Twitter: @DAVISakaDRIP


My most favourite episode of #MasterOfNone3 was the Episode 4! The groundbreaking portrayal of in vitro fertilization of Alicia was simply wonderful. I loved the performance of Cordelia Blair as Nurse Cordelia and Alicia (Naomi Ackie)! @azizansari #lenawaithe #netflix

Twitter: @sandeshshukla


Lena Waithe used up every dime of the shoe budget on Master of None S3.

Twitter: @altaredvision


my new and only dream is just to live in Lena Waithe’s house from the new season of master of none

Twitter: @a_local_snail


“When success goes away it’s like someone tapping you on your shoulder and telling you, ‘You gotta go to hell for a little while.’ Hell wouldn’t be as bad if I didn’t know what heaven felt like.” – Lena Waithe #MasterOfNone3

Twitter: @lillianyoung


I thought “master of none” was boring until I really started paying attention. Lena Waithe dropping gems

Twitter: @Octaviamills_


Slay me but Lena Waithe’s S3 of Master of None was beautiful

Twitter: @JustLatasha404


this season of Master of None is making me like Lena Waithe a lil more

Twitter: @spicynita94


I knew that the focus of Master of None season 3 was gonna have drastic change in whom the focus of the show was gonna be, so I found myself putting it off. I haven’t been the biggest fan of Lena Waithe’s work outside this show, but she and Naomi Ackie really smoked this season.

Twitter: @tuhmesken


Damn Lena Waithe you ain’t have to go off like this in Master of None: Season 3 😩 got me all in my feels

Twitter: @definitelytee


Just finished Season 3 of @MasterofNone and it is far and away the BEST thing I’ve watched so far this year! 🙌 #MasterOfNone3 https://t.co/obRNeKGVLq

Twitter: @carlo_mags


@beverleywang honestly the best thing i watched last week was still Lena Waithe in season 3 of Master of None, legit 😭😭😭

Twitter: @DsSayed


Master of None 3rd season… Wow, just wow! @azizansari and Lena Waithe have taken this thing on the next level, and beyond. #MasterOfNone #Netflix

Twitter: @teekokki


Master of None Season 3.. so beautiful .. the music, the locations,the story, the actors.. absolutely loved it all @azizansari #lenawaithe thank you ♥️ season 4 can we check in on Arnold and Brian?

Twitter: @sarahgilard76

What do you think about Lena (and Aziz’s) return? Triumphant or not? Let us know in the comments!


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