Justin Bieber Is Basically A Boxer In The Video For His New Single "Anyone"

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New year, new Justin Bieber single — specifically, the epic-sounding “Anyone,” which just dropped along with a dramatic video.

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The video follows Bieber as a fresh-faced boxer getting into training mode for a big match — which apparently requires chasing a chicken through your backyard.

Def Jam / Giphy

Zoey Deutch plays his love interest in the video, rubbing noses and dancing in the sunlight with the Biebs in between footage of him getting ready for the big match.

Def Jam / Giphy

And — trust us — there’s a lot of training stuff. He’s even got the silk trunks with his name on ’em.

Def Jam / Giphy

Of course, no boxing-themed piece of entertainment is complete without a heated rivalry…

Def Jam / Giphy

And the main event itself.

Def Jam / Giphy

Does Bieber win? Does he…lose? You’ll just have to watch the video to find out.

Def Jam / Giphy

And, yes, in case you were wondering — this is the video where Bieber had to get his tattoos temporarily “removed” in this viral Instagram post. Looks like an arduous process.

But hey, it beats getting beaten up for a living.


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