January Jones Trolled A Tabloid After It Shamed Her Over Bikini Pics, Reminding The World That She Is Truly Perfect

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January Jones didn’t invent Instagram, but she has perfected it.

Her quarantine tutorial on how to draw a bath is one of the best things to come out of 2020. Please watch for yourself if you somehow haven’t already.

She generously shares all kinds of hacks with her followers.

She’s advanced in the caption department.

Plus, she uses her platform as a way to educate others.

She’s also an expert at trolling, which she reminded the world of when she found out that a tabloid was planning on running a story to shame her for “desperate” bikini pics.

She posted a screenshot of the email to her Instagram grid with an iconic response.

“Shit. They’ve discovered my secret. Consider this my public apology to my ‘friends’,” she wrote.

Then she followed it up with a glowing bikini pic, writing, “Had to do it. #DESPERATE”

Aside from being misogynistic and cruel, it seems counterintuitive to even attempt to disparage someone for posting swimsuit content as good as January’s.

Take this one, which she captioned, “It’s 103 degrees, literally thirsty. 🌞”

Or this one, where she wrote, “Making mammeries 💓.”

Best of all, this one: “Series: Out of work actor needs attention”

If you don’t already, go ahead and follow January Jones.


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