If a chicken challenges you to a fight..

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I remember those days in the farm when I was still a small boy,I was trying to play with one of the newly hatched chicks that the chicken mom was taking out to forage.It was so fast..a clatter of wings and I almost had my cheeks scratched up! I shouted and ran as fast as I could. After the incident I had this fear of chicken not until I grew up.
Now my dear,if you are passing through the same ordeal,I think I have a good news for you! Lol
Watch the video above and learn how to fight back!See the bravery of this guy and be encouraged to resist chicken bully! Don’t be a coward, fight the chicken! Lol!!!
I hope this video above will help save a soul,save a child ( even adults) that are being bullied by chicken.
What do you think?

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