How to set up your own blog or website, introduction

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In this age and time, we find many websites all over the internet, the good ,bad and ugly. at one time or the other you may find yourself wishing you had a place on the web where you can freely express yourself,connect with people or even market your products and services.
most people who have the money go for self hosted websites.while others who for one reason or the other could not afford it go for free hosted sites. hosting giants like wordpress, blogger and other platforms have made it very easy to get a website or blog set up without stress,without having to go through the hassle of running programming codes.
like i hinted earlier,one could have a website just for self expression,to socialize, or market their products and services.
what are the basic things to have in mind before creating a website or a blog
1.why do you need a website?
you would first of all determine your purpose for the website or blog.back in the 2000s, there was this “www madness” where almost every kid down the street has a blog or website.the funny thing is that nearly 87% of those blogs and sites are dormant today! the drive,the need for it lost definition in the plan of the creators. having a plan , a purpose keeps the dream alive,and you find you can stand the test of time and achieve your primary aim.
2. what kind of website or blog would fit my purpose?
having determined why you need a website or blog,you would need to decide whether it’s a forum,blog,social media,..etc that best suits your purpose.this helps you design your site to your taste and purpose(if you’re to design it yourself) or the type of free hosting sites to look for. having a forum in mind and setting up woo commerce site leads you back to where you started.
3. do i have the time and resources to manage the site?
this is another important question to answer. a friend of mine opened a forum some weeks ago.and when i was discussing with him, he was like, ” there’s no big deal, i just wanted to set this up,i don’t really have the time for it now.i’d just get one or two friends to manage it for me,then once in awhile i’d check in..” i told him straightaway he’s got a loophole in his plan! nobody can ever manage your blog the you can! unless it’s a partnership. whatever you are setting up,blog, needs a lot of time and input. if you’re not ready for it,then don’t start untill you’re ready!
4. consult with specialists in the field
nobody ever starts out a pro. that consultant you’re running to was once a novice! you need to ask and know how they were able to make it,to come how far they’ll find you will end up with better ideas and knowledge of what you want to do and even have foresight of challenges to expect. don’t be shy to ask questions .information is power!
more coming in our next post on this topic,contact me if you have questions on this.

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