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So many people have been enthralled by the series heroes of olympus,if you have read any of the series,you’d find it difficult not to want to read the rest! it’s kinda addictive.for those who have started and need to have the complete series, we have the solution here! click the link at the end of this article to download the complete series zip.
in case you have not have no idea of what i’m talking about, i suppose you must have heard about Percy a hero figure in popular olympus series. if not, let me, wwith the following lines from the Son Of Neptune by Rick Riordan..
..Up on the watchtowers, horns blew. The sentries shouted

and swivelled their crossbows towards the gorgons. Annabeth, Percy thought. He forged into the river. It was icy cold, much swifter than he’d imagined, but that didn’t
bother him. New strength surged through his limbs. His
senses tingled like he’d been injected with caffeine. He
reached the other side and put the old woman down as the
camp’s gates opened. Dozens of kids in armour poured
out.Hazel turned with a relieved smile. Then she looked over Percy’s shoulder, and her expression changed to horror.
Frank was halfway across the river when the gorgons
caught him. They swooped out of the sky and grabbed him
by either arm. He screamed in pain as their claws dug into
his skin.
The sentries yelled, but Percy knew they couldn’t get a
clear shot. They’d end up killing Frank. The other kids drew
swords and got ready… et the full series from the link below!
click here to download the complete series!g

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