Here Are How 8 Different Food And Drinks Made My Vagina Smell And Taste

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We’ve all heard the famous saying “You are what you eat,” and to some degree, that’s true. Research suggests that our diet impacts our bodily scent, but I have always been especially curious about how our diet affects us…down there.

Hi, I’m Tatyannah, and as a sex blogger, I already spend a lot of my time talking about genitals, so I get tons of DMs from people asking me about natural methods they can try to make their vaginal secretions smell sweeter and taste more delicious. Because of the lack of research on the subject, I used to give people suggestions based on common assumptions, but recently I decided that the people who come to me for advice deserve more.

For my investigation, I consumed eight different foods and drinks, executed the smell/taste test within minutes, and then continued the assessment in 30-minute or hour intervals depending on what I ate and how quickly my body reacted.

In the future, I’ll do a part two of this experiment to have someone else be the judge of my smell and taste, but for now, I did it completely on my own.


To start, I tested out some Pineapple chunks, the very fruit that the Kardashian sisters once used for a “vagina smell-off” in an episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.

The author is pictured holding a can of Dole Pineapple Chunks.

Tatyannah King

For as long as I can remember, there’s been a popular rumor that pineapple makes the vagina smell and taste sweeter despite there being no scientific evidence behind it, so I took matters into my own hands. After scarfing down three cans of Dole pineapple chunks and drinking the excess pineapple juice from the cans, I carried out my plan as follows: gently insert the tip of my finger into my vagina (and occasionally use the entire palm of my hand to cup my vulva with enough pressure when I didn’t feel like inserting a finger), take a whiff, and then taste myself by licking the juices off my fingers or hand. Much to my surprise, eating pineapple made no noticeable difference in the way that I smelled or tasted. I was so shocked that there wasn’t a difference that I waited 30 more minutes and tried again just in case the scent of the pineapple chunks needed more time to show up within my body.

Yet still…nothing. There wasn’t a change, but I was still adamant about finding something that would give me some notable results for my experiment.

Overall rating for taste: 5/10 — though there wasn’t a noticeable difference in taste, I suppose no change is better than a bad change

Overall rating for smell: 5/10 — again, no change, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing


For the next item, a specific line from Ariana Grande’s “34 + 35” gave me inspiration for what to consume next. In the hook near the end of the song, Grande sings, “I been drinking coffee, and I been eating healthy (‘cept this wine though).” Unfortunately I’m not a fan of coffee in the slightest so that was a hard pass, but as someone who enjoys a glass of wine or two every now and then, I figured I’d try that next.

An image of a glass of red wine.

Tatyannah King

I’m a big fan of fruity tasting wine, and since Roscato Rosso Dolce “Sweet Red” is my go-to wine, I knew it was worth a try to find out how it would affect me down there. I drank three glasses of this wine and decided not to have any food with it to keep my methods as neutral as possible.

Quite frankly, there wasn’t a distinguishing smell from the wine, but there was a slight difference in taste. Upon tasting the tip of my finger, I remember immediately noticing a faintly bitter taste, but it wasn’t too bitter to where I tasted bad.

Overall rating for taste: 4.5/10 — There was a faint bitter taste

Overall rating for smell: 5/10 — no massive changes


The next day, I just so happened to be drinking Ocean Spray’s Cran-cherry juice, and I figured that I could incorporate that into my experiment because I predicted that it would give me a sweeter smell and taste.

An image of a glass of cranberry juice.

Westend61 / Getty Images

As I predicted, my mason jar’s worth of Cran-cherry juice gave me a sweeter smell and taste. It even affected me within 20 minutes of consumption, which was much quicker than I expected. It also made my vaginal secretions much juicier!

Overall rating for taste: 10 — so heavenly that I started calling my discharge “pussy nectar”

Overall rating for smell: 10 — the smell was addicting, honestly


Up next for my experiment, I had a Japanese dinner that consisted of hibachi shrimp with fried rice. Why hibachi of all things? Well, I love Asian cuisine in general, so I usually suggest going to Asian restaurants for dinner dates. On the likely chance that my date is face deep in between my legs after dinner, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of how my body reacts to that food.

A plate of Japanese take-out.

Tatyannah King

There wasn’t a noticeable difference at first, but then when I ate my leftovers around 4 hours later, I put soy sauce on my rice instead of Yum Yum sauce. Then I was amused to notice that my vagina started to smell and taste exactly like soy sauce.

Overall rating for taste: 7 — is it what I want the default taste of my vagina to be? Nah, but I like the taste of soy sauce so…

Overall rating for smell: 4 — but as much as I love the taste of soy sauce, I’m not too crazy about the smell


Later on that day, I was in the mood for something sweet and had an immediate craving for a large Strawberry Skittles Freeze from Taco Bell. I thought to myself, “Hmm. How cool would that be if this slushie is going to make me taste similar to a strawberry skittle?”

An image of a strawberry slushie.

Jeremy Baker / Getty Images

But that was wishful thinking. The only thing that slushie gave my body aside from a strong brain freeze was a neutral vaginal smell, which isn’t bad at all, but anti-climactic nonetheless.

Overall rating for taste: 5 — no noticeable changes

Overall rating for smell: 5 — nothing new!


At this point, I wanted to shake things up a bit by adding food to my experiment that I had absolutely no pre-conceived notions on how I assumed I would smell and taste afterward, so pizza was my next cuisine.

A medium-sized pepperoni pizza.

Tatyannah King

Around an hour after eating an entire medium pepperoni pizza from Dominos, my curiosity quickly turned into one of those moments when I wish didn’t make the discovery that I did.

“Hmm. I don’t know how I feel about this,” I remember saying immediately. The pizza caused my vagina to have one of those smells that wasn’t bad, but far from good either. It was like a metallic scent, and the taste was a little less than favorable, too.

After doing some research online, it made complete sense why greasy food made me smell and taste like a battery. Sex therapist Angela Watson told Healthline, “A good rule of thumb is any food that modifies the smell of your sweat or pee will also modify the secretions from your vagina, which will impact taste.”

Overall rating for taste: 2 — I wouldn’t necessarily recommend oral sex after because of the faint battery taste, but remember…all taste is a good taste! This just certainly wasn’t my fave.

Overall rating for smell: 2 — not good! Not the worst smell in the world, but far from my favorite.


Speaking of foods that modify urine, I couldn’t help but wonder how much of an effect asparagus would have on my vaginal scent and taste because of its reputation for making pee smell like burned rubber.

An image of asparagus.

La Bicicleta Vermella / Getty Images

Out of all the foods I ingested, I was the least excited to try this, but that night I cooked 10 ounces of asparagus to make sure that I consumed enough to notice a difference. Let’s just say that unless you want to literally taste like a mixture of grass, keto diet, and alkaline, keep the asparagus to a minimum.

Overall rating for taste: 2 — one word: no

Overall rating for smell: 2 — two words: hell no


To conclude my test, I wanted to end on a good note after the unsatisfactory pizza and asparagus portion of my experiment. So, I ended up devouring half of a 3-pound bag of Wonderful Halos mandarin oranges because I wanted to find out if they’d give me a fruity smell.

An image of the author holding a bag of clementines.

Tatyannah King

Admittedly, oranges are the only food that had almost an immediate effect within minutes upon eating them whereas the other foods and drinks took around 30 minutes at minimum and a few hours maximum to kick in. They were also one of the few foods that made my vagina smell and taste exactly like the food itself rather than a generally similar yet faint scent like the cran-cherry juice or a neutralized scent like the strawberry slushie.

Overall rating for taste: 10 — tastes and smells just like citrus!

Overall rating for smell: 10 — mmhmm, yes

All things considered, my vagina smell and taste experiment definitely cemented the fact that we are what we eat, for the most part. I learned the importance of actively getting more acquainted with my vagina. Up until five years ago, I barely knew what my own vulva looked like because of the taboo implications that come with anything regarding vulvar anatomy. Now I’m getting up close and personal with my vagina, and I can’t wait to explore it more and more! / Via

But perhaps most importantly, this was a reminder that vaginas are supposed to be exactly what they are: vaginas. Experiments like this are fun, but we can’t get too caught up in making sure our vaginas smell like candy or taste like rainbows. Vaginas are still going to smell and taste like vaginas at the end of the day, and that’s perfectly okay.

And for a more visual summary of my taste and smell experiment, here’s a TikTok!


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