Former Blockbuster Employees, It's Time To Share Your Secrets

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Did you work at Blockbuster back in the day? If you did, we wanna hear what that was like.

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Were there any secrets from the job that you think others would be shocked to hear?

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Like maybe customers would walk up to you and discreetly ask where the porn section* was…and then immediately ask for a suggestion in that genre.

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*Actually, Blockbuster didn’t have an ~adult~ section, but many other Blockbuster-adjacent video stores did. If you worked at one of these, we wanna hear from you too!!!

Or maybe you want people to know that there was always a way to talk down late fees, but if they were rude, you can BET you were gonna make them pay full price.

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Perhaps people would return VHS or DVDs with some GROSS things — unknown foods, old gum, other sticky materials, etc. — stuck to the movie cases or even discs, and you’d have to scrub the cases and run the discs through a disc cleaning machine over and over until it looked ✨pristine.✨

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Whatever they may be, tell us your ~Blockbuster employee secrets~ in the comments below. Our favorites just might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!!!


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