falling standard of education.

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education is the process of learning.it is the act of acquiring knowledge in order to get experience and skills to become useful in life.it is education that removes poverty and ignorance in the society because without it no body or nation can attain greatness in the society.education helps us to be enlightened and knowledgeable about skills.it helps us to know our left and right,also helps us to be successful in life.

education is what drives countries to economic growth and development.that is the reason why parents send their children to school to be self reliant and to come out with good grades.

again in recent times education in the country is bedeviled with challenges such as:
1.infrastructural decay:these are no libraries where students can go to read and learn about various courses they have being taught and learn about it to acquire information on them.even the ones that exist are full of outdated books which needs to be changed and stock with new books.these will help to produce quality graduates in universities.
2.decayed buildings:buildings should be renovated in order to make learning conducive for students to learn and be comfortable without fear of the classroom collapsing.
3.incessant strikes:this is another issue that has bedeviled education in the country.lecturers are owed arrears of salaries for months and even years.when government fail to pay them their salaries.this has disrupted academic calendars of various universities across the country.the most affected are the students who are meant to receive lectures from their lecturers are unable to do so because they are on strike.

4.cultism:this is another issue in the universities,students join cult in order to have identity and to be protected from fellow cultists who harass them and from their lecturers.they cause on rest in the universities students especially the serious ones among them are harass every now and them and cannot concentrate on their studies.many innocent students have being killed as a result of cult activities.

5.examination malpractice:this is another issue in the universities many students engage in it to get first class by all means either by hook or by crook.they do not study when lectures are going on,instead they spend their time gisting,going to parties,pinging,and going to the cybercafes.on the day of exam they plan who they will sit with in order to pass the exam.parents are to blame as well they take their children to special centres for them to excel. they pay these teachers in order for their children to pass by all means.the teachers give students life question papers for them to pass.

5.sexual harassment:lecturers harass female students in order to sleep with them.they fail them when they refuse to have sex with them.many of these female students are from poor families a lot of these lecturers take advantage of them they are harassed and tormented on a daily basis.
6.lack of qualified lecturers: a lot of lecturers are not qualified to teach at all.they have no knowledge of how to inculcate knowledge to their students.they end up making blunders and a mess of themselves.the few qualified ones are not adequate to teach the students.

the solutions to these problems include the following:
1.adequate training of lecturers.
2.provision of educational facilities like new books in the library.

3.law arresting exam offenders.
4.lecturers found guilty of sexual harassment should be dismissed.
5.cultists should be arrested and prosecuted in the law court.
6.government should ensure prompt payment of salaries of lecturers.

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