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Miss CHIMMELIi is a popular star and overall winner of the  miss photogenic Nigeria world 2016 pageant
being a beauty queen has shot the popular model into the limelight of the modelling world.as a queen she has had to organise and attend charity events and many humanitarian aid programs.her natural beauty and humane spirit has got many companies after the young queen,Spanish models ENT. for one has held tightly and would not let anyone snatch the damsel from their grips.despite their strong clamp,many other companies have been eyeing the damsel,especially after her victory in the 2016  miss photogenic contest.

queen chimmeli

In an interview chat with Gistwheel, the beautiful miss Chimmeli shared her thoughts, experiences, and aspirations in the world of pageantry. See Below  the excerpts of her interview…

Q. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS SO FAR IN THE MODELLING WORLD ,ESPECIALLY YOUR VICTORY IN THE   miss photogenic Nigeria world 2016 BEAUTY PAGEANT .Can you tell us Queen Chimmeli,When was the moment when you actually realize that you are a beauty queen now?
Thank you so much! It really took me a few weeks to land, but after I was crowned I called my family and they were so proud of me.My friends were all over me. They told me how everyone was watching and went insane when I won. That was the moment I thought: I really did it!

Q. What qualities of a queen do you believe you have always had in you?
The will of keep on going, compassion and a lot of positivity. I always try to look on the bright side of life: see what you can do, instead of what you cannot do. See what you have instead of what you’re missing. You will notice you are way happier with yourself and everything around you. I think that is such an amazing thing.

Q. What is your Beauty Philosophy?

My personal beauty philosophy is beyond the exterior, I believe one should never miss an opportunity to better another’s day. Even in the smallest effort of a smile. You should always leave your glow lit in others

.Q. If you were to inspire someone, what would be your first word?
Belief…. I would say just believe in yourself and this entire world is yours… It’s only your belief which will open u to the universe and help you accomplish and achieve the biggest goals

Q. What inspired you to walk on the course of beauty pageants?
What really appealed me is seeing the personal development of young, ambitious woman. That along with taking new chances and getting the opportunity to get to know a lot of inspiring people with their own stories, is really special

Q. Your country celebrates you as  ,miss photogenic Nigeria but would you like to give us a glimpse of your veiled personality?
I think people must think I am really glamorous all the time because they always see me in photos with gorgeous dresses and lots of makeup on and stuff, but actually on my days off I am not like that at all! I hardly wear makeup and I am most comfortable just hanging out in casual clothes and flat shoes! Also I am pretty goofy and playful a lot of time. So when I am doing official appearances and events I have to act a lot more professional and mature

.Q. What do you like the most about your country’s indigenous beauty?
The most beautiful and amazing thing about my country is the multiple cultures here… The unity in diversity,this is one thing that makes me proud of my nation.My country has the most beautiful women in this part of the world,Because they come in varieties, different sizes, shades, and shapes, and they are,naturally beautiful, and  extremely $exy. They dominate the lists of the most beautiful women in Africa for good reasons.Women in the south and east, especially among the Igbo (where i come from) and Yoruba peoples, are known to be very educated, so they occupy positions in the professional fields and to some extent in politics. This refined form of education add to their look make them the most beautiful in Africa

Q. If you had a chance to change the world in one way what would it be?
Given a chance, I wish to make this world much safer for all the women in this world. It’s sad to know that women still feel unsafe to step out of their house at a particular time, so let’s support the safety of a woman, let’s celebrate womanhood.

i wish to thank the Gistwheel team for picking me out for this,i must say i am very impressed with the layout,design and content of your site.keep up the good work.for whoever that has any need to reach me.

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