Dwyane Wade Posted A Nude Pic On Instagram Covered Only By Gabrielle Union, And Their Kids Aren't Having It

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Dwyane Wade turned 39 years old this weekend. And to celebrate, the NBA legend posted a nude pic on Instagram, covered up only by his wife, Gabrielle Union.

Rich Fury / Getty Images

“Birthday behavior‼️” Dwyane captioned the pic. “39 is already looking up 👀.”

Now, most people were very, very grateful to have this pic bless their timeline:

People were thirsting hard:

And plenty of jokes were made:

But a few people were, understandably, less-than-pleased with Dwyane and Gabrielle’s birthday thirst trap: Their children.

Andrew Toth / Getty Images

Their 13-year-old daughter, Zaya, was not prepared for the image:

Their 18-year-old son, Zaire, joked that this was not “what [he] wanted to wake up to”:

And even their 2-year-old, Kaavia, was a little weirded out:


Kaavia’s account, of course, is run by her parents, so I’m gonna guess this is actually Gabrielle’s response to the image.

Well, perhaps this comment sums it up best:

You can check out Dwyane Wade’s birthday post in his birthday suit below:


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