Dare to be different

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 You are you. I am me. We are not the same. We are very different. No one is unlucky not to be bestowed with a selling point, if not bountiful of them. Sometimes you are limp, like cooked noodles. Sometimes you are scared like a caught snail. You have buried your guts in the innermost part of the earth. You can’t stand on your feet, instead you watch people living their lives from your seat. And when you decide to stand up, you want to become their photocopies. Then you look a bit faded.? The lines are just not clear. Who would want to stress his eyes to observe the fake you. No one i tell you. No one. No one has that time, when the clear and real deal isnt far fetched. Then you say the world is cruel.
Please don’t let your world crumble and don’t go back to that seat to look and mumble. Stand up and lets see the real you- the world is dying to do so. The world would have to adjust or not. Just show them your original self- thats all?
You are wise. You are unique. A beautiful creature.? So dare to be different and shine bright like diamonds in the sky.?

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