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Your voice has many registers that can be DRAGGED to change the quality of your sound. For instance, you can drag a register DOWN from above to create a “headier” Mix or UP from below to create a “beltier” Mix. Both are necessary skills. BUT being able to honor every register in your voice is just as important. Think of it this way – there is an overlap of notes that are playable by both a violin and a cello. A cello can play quite high, but this puts the strings under more stress than is sustainable for a long time. Likewise, a violin can play some low notes that align with those of a cello, but the quality is far less rich than the cello. Honoring each register would be the equivalent of playing each instrument in the sweet spot of its range. So, don’t always play your cello too high or your violin too low. As you vocalize, spend the majority of time in the sweet spot!

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