Chris Hemsworth Shared Humongous Arm, Gigantic Chest

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Chris Hemsworth is generally known as Hollywood’s #2 favorite Chris.

Chris in Australia

James D. Morgan / Getty Images

I think Chris Evans has a slight edge in the popular vote?

But there’s one thing he’s Hollywood’s #1 Chris in: Arm.

Chris waving

Jun Sato / WireImage / Getty Images

His arms are huge.

Like the size of multiple babies huge.

Three babies for reference

Jfairone / Getty Images

He shared a picture of his ginormous arms on Instagram and I really just had no idea they were *that* big:


Chris' bulging biceps

@ChrisHemsworth /

That’s a very big arm!

A closeup of Chris' arms

@ChrisHemsworth /

For reference, you can fit ABOUT three of Chris Hemsworth’s heads into his arm.

3 of Chris' heads photoshopped on his bicep

@ChrisHemsworth /

Many babies!

Chris' biceps and three babies to show how big

@ChrisHemsworth /

This tweet by Justin Bieber on New Years Day in 2012 sums up my feelings best:


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