Charli D'Amelio Used To Cry For "Three Days Straight" Because Of Online Bullying

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Since skyrocketing to fame this year, TikTok superstar Charli D’Amelio has been the subject of intense online bullying. So much so that she says she’s had to seek therapy.

Charli recently sat down with fellow TikTok star Avani Gregg on Avani’s messenger show Here For It for a candid conversation about cyber bullying, and things got pretty deep.

Charli and Avani pose together

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At just 16, the dancer and influencer has faced everything from people making fun of her physical appearance to actual death threats. And it all started even before she was famous.

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“I used to have such bad panic attacks…in the third grade. This is how it affected me up until literally three weeks ago. It hurt so bad I didn’t want to talk about it,” Charli explained on the show.

Charli says she used to cope with the anxiety by holding all of her feelings inside until she had a breakdown.

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“I will keep everything inside until I’m at my breaking point and I will cry for three days straight and I’m not even Charli anymore. I’m this emotional person that doesn’t function properly. I get into these really bad places and it’s scary for me. I’m not myself. I don’t know what takes over but it’s so much built up that I’m trying to get out at once…especially when you feel like everyone has an invitation to say anything about you,” Charli told Avani.

When she tried therapy for the first time, she hated the experience and stopped going. But thankfully, she gave it another shot a month ago and it’s made a huge difference.

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“The only reason that it’s actually making a difference is because I’m not holding back and I’m saying everything that I’ve been wanting to say since I was seven,” Charli said.

“I think it’s accepting that you’re not okay. It took me a while. I was always like, ‘You were never really bullied. You’re not depressed.’ You can’t discredit your emotions just because you’re happy sometimes.”

Charli shows a small smile

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Charli added that even if you think you’re doing great that it doesn’t hurt to talk to someone.

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“It’s genuinely really awesome,” Charli concluded.

Charli and Avani also spoke with therapist Kati Morton, who explained how she helps patients who have experienced bullying.

A therapist video chats with Avani and Charli

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“The first thing is a safety check, finding out what’s really happening and if there are threats that are active. The second thing and the most important thing is making time for real connections with real friends because the bullying can make you think you’re all alone…And the final step that really takes time is building up confidence,” Kati explained.

If you or anyone in your life is experiencing bullying and needs help, check out STOMP Out Bullying for resources.

You can watch Charli and Avani’s full conversation on Here For It below:


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