Blood Hound

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On a certain night,a group of Vampire hunters led by Miles Dennis,Michelle Harvey,and Damon Baston were in search of Vampires who have being killing innocent people in order to take over the world through their leader,John Lesner,a vicious Vampire who kills without mercy when the victims cry for mercy,he rips them apart.
He has a lot of followers namely Patricia Baxton,Katherine Horn,Michael One,Lee Wayne and the others whose mission is to hunt and kill people who stand in their way,they are fierce and very  aggressive in their attitude,people on seeing them flee for safety for fear of being killed and take shelter in buildings,the Vampires are much in number and strong as well.

They come unexpectedly when no one is aware of their presence,they attack in the daytime as well as in the night when everyone is asleep taking a close look at them tells a lot about their blood thirst instinct in need of fresh blood from human beings,to survive and to multiply.
Meanwhile,Miles Dennis and his colleagues were in the forest when they encountered Vampires who were heading in their direction.They make scary sounds on seeing them,Miles Dennis and his colleagues attacked them with machetes and knives as well as guns in their holsters at the back of their trouser pockets.

The more they encountered the Vampires,the more they killed them with their weapons they had on them,they uprooted their heads from their whole bodies and burnt them on a stake in order to prevent them from coming back to life.Miles Dennis and his colleagues took shelter in an abandoned building to rest for the day.Meanwhile,John Lesner was in the castle when Michael One and the others captured some people and brought them to him waiting for orders to execute them,John Lesner looked at the victims with inquisitive eyes in order to know their state they were in,He saw that they were afraid and wanted to leave the castle,one of them pleaded with John Lesner to let them go,one of them was killed by John Lesner he bite him on the neck,blood was gushing he drank his blood,his mouth was covered in blood.
He told the Vampires to execute the orders which they did,there was a feast of merry making among the Vampires,there was a lot to eat and drink,a lot of Vampires were in attendance that fateful day.

Meanwhile,Miles Dennis and his colleagues were on a mission to hunt Vampires,they set out after having their breakfast in the morning.They dressed in a green jersey with their guns,machetes and silver bullets with them for self-defence,they drove in a navy blue truck with Miles Dennis driving as well as leading the way while others were in the back seat.
On their way,they encountered a group of Vampires along the way they killed some of the Vampires,there was a fierce combat,they drove to the homes of people that were attacked by Vampires,they consoled them and told them that they are here to protect them from the Vampires,they were told that the names of the Vampires are Lee Wayne,Katherine Horn,Michael One,and Patricia Baxton as well as their leader,John Lesner,after being told,Miles Dennis and his colleagues drove off in search of John Lesner and the others for a fierce battle.
The next day,John Lesner and the others were having a feast when Miles Dennis and his colleagues zoomed in on them unexpectedly,Michael One and his colleagues were in a fierce combat with Michelle Harvey,Damon Baston and Angela Cone they were killed with serum injected in their bodies,while Miles Dennis fought John Lesner at the end,Miles Dennis stabbed John Lesner with a serum he exploded.
Everywhere was peaceful,everyone were grateful to Miles Dennis and his colleagues.
The End.

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