Bella Throne And Tana Mongeau Have Taken Their OnlyFans And Relationship Drama To Twitter

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Alas, 2020 is coming to an end, dear reader, but before we could say goodbye to this wretched year, exes Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne decided that they had to get into a Twitter feud right in time for the holiday season.

Not too long ago, Bella Thorne came under fire for “ruining” OnlyFans for sex workers after she allegedly sold false nudes for $200, which resulted in “fans” asking for a refund.

Not too long after that, it came out that Tana — who joined the platform in May of 2020 under the account she named TanaUncensored — was one of the top earners on the site, earning over $3 million in one month.

Now that you’re UP TO DATE, we can dive into today’s drama:


It’s gonna take a lil bit, so PLS bear with.

Tana tweeted a series of tweets promoting Tana Uncensored, after which she ended her spiel with this subtweet about Bella:

k i’m done promoting my onlyfans for the day no i’m not gonna claim i was the first celeb to do it either hahahahahahaha

The “first celeb” in question is Bella Thorne.

Bella then — it’s undetermined if this is related or unrelated — tweeted about the release of her her new single, “SFB” (Stupid Fucking Bitch) which is allegedly about ex-girlfriend, Tana Mongeau.

They’ve been trading barbs back-and-forth via TikTok, instead of, you know, taking things offline.


#duet with @bellathorne i am so embarrassed to even duet this also i’m on the toilet :/

♬ SFB – Bella Thorne

This single came out around the same time as Modsun’s single, “Karma”, which is also allegedly about Tana. The three of them were in a polyamorous relationship for some time between 2018-2020.

But, you know what they say, all roads lead to Twitter, which is where the majority of their feud has taken place. In an apparent subtweet to Bella’s “SFB”, Tana said this:

imagine taking the time to write, direct, and fund entire song about me called stupid fucking bitch and also being bella thorne smfh

Not much of a subtweet when you call the person out by name, but you get the idea.

Tana also called out Bella about her OnlyFans work and not using her platform to highlight other accounts:

smh respond promoting sex workers like u promised or get ratio’d

This is something Bella’s said she’d do in the wake of her OnlyFans debacle.

Bella then responded with this subtweet which, at this point, isn’t much of a “sub”:

when she tries so hard to be relevant she won’t stop bringing up your name for attention……. girl

can’t you get your own attention stoppppppppp

The gloves, quite literally, came off when Tana replied to Bella’s tweet:

749 favorites in a day and my last tweets have more and ur worried about my relevancy? @ me next time and unfollow me while u at it..

@EddieHearn put us in 🥊

Tana’s questioning Bella’s alleged relevance since, at the time of this tweet, Tana’s single has more streams than Bella’s:

@tanamongeau I think the streams speak for themselves…

As of this moment, “SFB” has just over 122k streams while “Without You” has just over six million. That being said, Tana’s song dropped in May while Bella’s song was released earlier this month, but I digress.

But Tana didn’t stop there! She responded to a follower’s tweet about her latest collab with ex-boyfriend, Lil Xan:

i can only be chill with a few exes at once i exchanged bella for xan

And then, because, why not:

not me up at 5 am absolutely still BAZOINKED that bella thorne tweeted i want to be her

I wish, dear reader, I could say that it ended there, but it does not. A follower of Tana’s alleged that Bella promised to promo her OnlyFans, but has yet to follow through:

@tanamongeau @bellathorne I mean it’s been since august 😅😅😅 she could’ve just responded lmfao I know I sounded naggy, but why would you say something and not do it?

Tana retweeted this from her main account to all of her 2.5 million followers.

Scout wasn’t the only one reaching out to Bella re: OnlyFans. Mia Khalifa, who is also very popular on the site, reached out to Bella to only be offered “a free month of subscription.”

@ScoutRobert @tanamongeau @bellathorne I try to support / subscribe / purchase content from all the women I follow on OF but holy shit she makes it hard. This was like a month ago, I knew she was a lost cause when I hit her over the head with the point and she still missed it. “I’d like to give you a month free”..😩😭

Tana retweeted this tweet to her main account as well, with the caption: “this is an actual screenshot of mia khalifa trying to help bella thorne take her head out of her ass and then bella going ‘you can have a month of my onlyfans free’ back i’m yelling.”

To add gasoline to the already blazing fire, Tana retweeted this to her main page:

Bella Thorne when someone mentions Tana Mongeau

While Bella has yet to publicly comment / tweet about the most recent drama, she’s liked comments shading Tana in response to the whole saga:

imagine being a clout chaser, mediocre, having a career brand based on being a dumb bitch, and RACIST AF… oh wait you can🤣🤣🙏🏽

@bellathorne when people throws you hate but you are still winning !! !! 😌💅 🤷‍♂️💁‍♂️

Lord knows if and when these ladies will work things out, but, in the meantime, Tana has left us with these parting words:

I’m about to get banned from YouTube with how much tea I have coming. I don’t give a fuck

In conclusion:

2020 saved the best for last with tana mongeau and bella thorne beef


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