Bella Hadid's New Hair Is A Tribute To Chuckie From 'Rugrats' And It's Really Working For Me

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There’s no doubt that Bella Hadid can pull off any throwback hairstyle, whether it’s curtain bangs or a snatched high pony.

Or cosplaying a ‘90s cartoon character — aka Chuckie Finster from Rugrats! Bella paid tribute to the beloved character on Instagram with a selfie she posted along with an image of the iconic redhead.

The resemblance is real.


All that’s missing is the glasses. (And t-shirt and outfit, if you want to get technical.)

Chuckie actually might not be the only cartoon-inspired hairdo that Bella has recently tried out. Like, this one below totally could be a low-key homage to Jessica Rabbit.

Hadid has clearly been having a lot of fun with her hair lately. She recently channeled another ‘90s redhead icon, Ginger Spice.

Bella and her hair are definitely making the best out of quarantined times.


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