As If Mindy Kaling And BJ Novak Couldn't Get Any Cuter, He's Dressing Up As Santa To Surprise Her Kids This Year

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Mindy Kaling is in the midst of preparing new Christmas traditions to enjoy with her kids, and she’s even roped BJ Novak into the plan!

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This Christmas marks Mindy’s first as a mother of two after the Wrinkle In Time actor gave birth to son Spencer back in September.

In a recent interview with Tory Burch, Mindy explained that part of the fun of celebrating Christmas with her kids is creating new family traditions. So, what is she planning exactly? Well, it involves cookies, apple cider, and a very sleepy BJ Novak dressed up as Santa!

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It turns out that Katherine is a big fan of visiting Santa but, because of the pandemic, it wasn’t possible this year. So, Mindy had to get inventive…

“We’re going to go over to the living room where we hear bells and BJ, dressed as Santa, is going to be asleep on the sofa with a bag because he needed to take a rest.”

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Yep! BJ is taking on the role of Santa this year, albeit a very sleepy one. My heart can’t take it!


“It’s so complicated why Santa was there, why he’s taking a nap,” Mindy laughed after explaining the plan. “We’re like, ‘Will she know it’s [BJ Novak] on some level?’ We don’t know.”

Of the plan, she joked: “Just so you know, it’s like we’re Hindu and BJ is Jewish, so this is really…like cultural appropriation on our part.”

Talking of Christmas, Mindy also revealed that Katherine has mixed feelings when it comes to her baby brother, so to try and smooth things over a little, she’s pretending that Spencer has bought her a present.

It sounds like it’s gonna be a super cute Christmas in the Kaling household this year! You can watch the full interview with Tory Burch here.


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