An Ode To Kathryn Hahn's Massive Belt On The 2021 Emmys Red Carpet

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Look, I am a simple woman, refreshing my simple little Getty feed for pics of arrivals to the 2021 Emmys. I knew that Kathryn Hahn would likely be attending — how could she not? She’s been nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress for her role in Wandavision.

Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

And yet, friend, I cannot explain why I lost my fucking mind at Kathryn’s outfit when she walked the red carpet.

Rich Fury / Getty Images

Specifically, the belt. WHY IS THE BELT SO LARGE? What secrets does it hold?

Rich Fury / Getty Images

Is this a sign that chunky belts are about to return to the red carpet en masse like it’s the ’00s? Because I would appreciate a warning, if so.

Rich Fury / Getty Images

Oh yeah, actual fashion facts: The jumpsuit (yes, it’s a jumpsuit) is by Lanvin. Do with this information what you will.

Rich Fury / Getty Images

Obviously, she looks wonderful. She could wear my recycling bin and I’d be like, “Ooooo Kathryn Hahn, great look!”

Rich Fury / Getty Images

Good luck to Kathryn (and her massive belt) tonight!


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