Addison Rae And Bryce Hall Finally Reveal What's Been Going On With Their Relationship

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TikTok stars Addison Rae and Bryce Hall finally confirmed their relationship to fans…but if you know anything about these two, you probably already knew that.

Addison, who has 70 million TikTok followers (and whom you may know as Kourtney Kardashian’s BFF), and Bryce, AKA the guy who was hosting ragers during the pandemic in his LA mansion, haven’t exactly been coy about their relationship.

For the past YEAR, the duo have been posting photos like this:

And this:


And they simply thought we wouldn’t assume they’re dating! But it turns out Addison and Bryce haven’t actually been ~official~ for as long as you would think.

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@BryceHall / Via Twitter: @BryceHall

In a new YouTube vid, Addison revealed the duo only made things official in October!

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Addison Rae / Via

“He asked me out October 13th, to be his girlfriend…we’ve been dating for almost two months! We’re dating officially and it’s going to be really interesting to see where this goes,” Addison said.

She also spilled that the couple shared their first kiss at a party last year but they didn’t decide to date for quite some time.

Addison Rae / Via

“It’s funny, she kept saying I would catch feelings if I kept kissing her and I was like, ‘No freaking way,'” Bryce explained.

Addison admitted, “I did have feelings for Bryce first…because I definitely wouldn’t have kissed you if I didn’t have feelings for you.”

At one point they even dated for THREE DAYS before calling it quits.

Alex Warren / Via

“It is true. I know I denied that. We did date for three days and then I broke up with him!” Addison laughed.

There was, of course, Bryce’s birthday party scandal somewhere in the middle of everything that caused a rift between them.

Addison Rae / Via

“We ended things, talking, after Bryce’s birthday. I didn’t say a word to you and we saw each other places and I would not talk to you,” Addison said of what went down after Bryce’s party in August.

But Bryce won her over with a handwritten love note at her 20th birthday party in October.

Addison Rae / Via

“After the birthday scandal, then he bought me a gift and wrote me a letter for my birthday and it was really sweet and we were hanging out every single day!” Addison gushed.

Bryce added, “It was like a whole essay and I had to pull out some of my writing experience!”

And the rest is history!

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@BryceHall / Via Twitter: @BryceHall


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