A Ranking Of How Much Each Of The "You" Season 3 Deaths Shook Us To Our Core

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Here’s your warning that there are spoilers ahead for season three of You! Also, this post contains mentions of suicide.

Well, surprise, surprise: There are deaths in season three of Netflix’s You.

Love in the woods

JOHN P. FLEENOR/NETFLIX / Via netflix.com

But seriously, we’ve got MAJOR spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk!

So, the Quinn-Goldbergs are now settled down in the quiet suburbs of Madre Linda, where everybody wears overpriced athleisure and serial killers are definitely not lurking about.

Joe and Love

JOHN P. FLEENOR/NETFLIX / Via netflix.com

But oh wait, Joe and Love are literal serial killers! What was once a charming, safe town becomes a hot spot for salacious deaths that would have Gillian Flynn herself screaming.

Love and Joe

JOHN P. FLEENOR/NETFLIX / Via netflix.com

As always, some of the deaths were expected, while others came out of the blue. So, just how surprising were each the four major deaths on the show this season? Here’s our definitive ranking of how unexpected the season three deaths were!



Ryan the news anchor

Netflix / Via netflix.com

How it happens: In season three’s penultimate episode, Joe stalks Ryan after becoming newly obsessed with Marienne the librarian, Ryan’s ex. After getting beaten up, Joe manages to push Ryan from a parking structure, only to find the smarmy news anchor still alive and squirming. So Joe goes about the murder the good old-fashioned way: stabbing Ryan repeatedly with a knife.

Surprise factor: We can’t say we didn’t see this one coming, even though it happens late in season three. Joe’s M.O. is eliminating jerks who he deems a threat to the people he cares about (or, you know, has an unhealthy romantic obsession with). Once the show establishes Ryan as Marienne’s abusive ex, we knew he was a goner.

Emotional impact: Eh, we’re not super sad about this one. Ryan was a smug jerk, and his death makes it easier on Marienne’s life. It’s still pretty messed up that Juliette’s dad dies, but he didn’t seem to have a genuine rapport with her. 




JOHN P. FLEENOR/NETFLIX / Via netflix.com

How it happens: As Natalie shows Love around the space for her future bakery, a jealous Love swings an axe at her and kills her. (Love had recalled memories of finding Joe’s box of oddities, which housed Natalie’s coffee sleeve and underwear. Side note: Ew.) 

Surprise factor: Everyone who crosses Love or Joe is a potential victim, so it’s not too shocking that Natalie dies. But it is surprising that she literally dies in the first episode.

Emotional impact: We don’t really get to know Natalie, so her death isn’t too sad, per se. It’s still pretty brutal to see how her murder impacts Matthew and Theo, though. It might’ve been fun to see how her and Joe’s relationship plays out on the show, but we can only have so many tawdry affairs in one season. 




JOHN P. FLEENOR/NETFLIX / Via netflix.com

How it happens: Tipped off by Love’s mom, Joe eventually figures out that Love has been poisoning him with aconite flowers in their garden. Before she paralyzes him, he takes adrenaline to counteract the poison. Joe then jabs Love with her own aconite and burns the house down after dropping Henry off at Dante’s. P.S.: He also cuts off his toes and stuffs it in a pie to fake his own death and frames all of the murders on Love. These people are NOT OKAY.

Surprise factor: Love’s death is surprising, for sure. But of course, we always subconsciously knew that someone had to go. Joe and Love spend most of season playing cat and mouse with each other, only getting off on, well, the love language of violence. From an affair with the neighbor’s son to randomly knocking people out, Love’s been messy this season. It was only time before Joe got tired of cleaning up after her messes.

Emotional impact: Hauntingly, the series uses Taylor Swift and Bon Iver’s “exile” during the scene where Joe burns down the house. It’s definitely sad to see how broken the Quinn-Goldbergs are and how baby Henry becomes a casualty in this whole mess. And we’ll be sad not to see Victoria Pedretti as Love. But she could always come back as a ghost enjoying pain au chocolat pastries in Paris!




Netflix / Via netflix.com

How it happens: Incredibly pissed off about Gil being an anti-vaxxer whose kids got Henry sick, Love impulsively knocks her neighbor out with a rolling pin and cages him beneath the bakery. She gets a private investigator to dig up dirt on Gil, and Joe pieces together that his son Alan assaulted young women in college. After Joe figures out this secret, Gil hangs himself in the cage. 

Surprise factor: Gil’s death definitely came out of the blue since it seemed more likely that either Love or Joe would kill him.

Emotional impact: This death is shocking and tragic, even if Gil was obviously a flawed anti-vaxxer Ned Flanders. It kind of sucks for his family that, for a minute, Love and Joe pinned Natalie’s murder on him in an elaborate murder-suicide scheme. 

Honestly, kudos to Theo, Sherry, and Cary for making it out alive! What are your thoughts on the deaths in season three of You? Let us know in the comments below.


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