47 TV Character Deaths That Were Some Of The Most Shocking Moments Of 2020

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🚨Warning: There are obviously MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨


First, on 13 Reasons Why, when Justin died surrounded by Clay and Clay’s parents after he tested positive for HIV-1 and it had progressed to AIDS.

Justin telling Clay he loves him and then asking if Clay would hold his hand



On Lovecraft Country, Uncle George heartbreakingly died after being shot while trying to escape the Braithwhite estate.

Leti and Tic seeing Montrose clutching George in the back of a car



And on Lovecraft Country, when Tic heartbreakingly died during the ceremony that would make Christina immortal.

Montrose and Leit begging Tic to wake up



Also on Lovecraft Country, when Dee crushed Christina with the robotic arm Hippolyta gave her.

Dee crushing Christina's throat and a monster roaring at the moon



On Money Heist/La Casa de Papel, when Gandia shockingly shot and killed Nairobi.

Gandia saying, "I told you I was going to kill you" and then shooting Nairobi



On The Haunting of Bly Manor, when we learned that Hannah was actually dead the entire time and she was killed by Peter Quint, who was possessing Miles.

Hannah repeating everything about herself so she won't forget



And on The Haunting of Bly Manor, when Dani became the lady in the lake and Jamie went and found her body at Bly Manor.

Jamie swimming to the bottom of the lake and seeing Dani and trying to get her to take her



On Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, when Mitch and Zoey danced one last time before he died.

Mitch and Zoey dancing and Mitch saying that Zoey will always hear him



On Supernatural, when Castiel sacrificed himself to save Dean and professed his love for him, all before getting taken by the Empty.

Castiel saying that Dean made him care about the whole world and that he loves him

The CW


And on Supernatural, when Dean was impaled on a piece of rebar after fighting off vampires with Sam.

Dean telling Sam that he loves him and that he'll always be with him

The CW


On Killing Eve, when Kenny was shockingly killed and fell from the roof, and Eve found him.

Eve gasping and kneeling next to Kenny's body

BBC America


On The Boys, when Ryan used his powers and accidentally killed Becca in the process.

Ryan sobbing and apologizing and Becca asking Butcher to keep Ryan safe while Butcher yells for help

Amazon Prime Video


And on The Boys, when Lamplighter set himself on fire after infiltrating Vought alongside Hughie.

Lamplighter saying, "I wanted to do it in front of my statue. I just wanted to make my dad proud"

Amazon Prime Video


On The 100, when Clarke shockingly killed Bellamy after he threatened to take Madi’s sketchbook.

Bellamy pleading with Clarke to join him and saying he needs to share Madi's journal and then Clarke shoots him

The CW


And on The 100, when Diyoza sacrificed herself to save Hope and the rest of her friends.

Diyoza telling Hope not to waste her life before she crystalizes

The CW


Also on The 100, when Sheidheda shockingly killed Gabriel while trying to get to Madi in the bunker on Earth.

Octavia and everyone saying "May we meet again" as Gabriel dies

The CW


And on The 100, when Emori was crushed under a pile of rubble and succumbed to her injuries, while Murphy begged her to stay.

Murphy telling Emori that she needs to hang on and that she always mattered to him

The CW


On Outlander, when Murtagh was shockingly killed right in front of Jamie during the fight between the British and the Regulators.

Murtagh telling Jamie that it "doesn't hurt to die" and Jamie crying and screaming for help



On Legacies, when Alaric killed Kai after Kai escaped the prison world.

Alaric saying, "This is for Jo" then decapitating Kai

The CW


On Elite, when Lu accidentally killed Polo and everyone helped cover it up.

Lu saying "I'm sorry" over and over again and Guzman crying over Polo's body



On How to Get Away with Murder, when Frank was shot and killed after he shot Gov. Birkhead outside the courthouse.



And on How to Get Away with Murder, when Bonnie was shot outside the courthouse and heartbreakingly died in Annalise’s arms.

Annalise sobbing while holding Bonnie and pleading for help



On I Am Not Okay with This, when Syd accidentally used her powers and blew up Brad’s head at the dance.



On Outer Banks, when Rafe shot and killed Sheriff Peterkin in order to protect Ward.

Ward asking Rafe what he did and Rafe saying, "I saved you, Dad. I saved you"



On The Queen’s Gambit, when Beth heartbreakingly found Alma in their hotel room after she died.

Beth talking to her mother and then realizing she's lying still and not responding



And on The Queen’s Gambit, when Jolene told Beth that Mr. Shaibel had died, and Beth visited the basement where they used to play chess and learned that he had followed her entire career.

Beth looking at Mr. Shaibel's clippings of all of her chess wins and then Beth sobbing in a car with Jolene



On The Umbrella Academy, when Ben departed for the afterlife after helping Vanya proved to be too much for him.

Ben telling Vanya all of this time with Klaus has been amazing, but he died so long ago, and then Ben asking Vanya for a hug


Yes, Ben was technically already dead, but this was HEARTBREAKING.


And on The Umbrella Academy, when Axel killed the Handler even after Number Five reversed time and stopped her.

The Handler having her hands in the air and Axel peering through the door with a gun



On We Are Who We Are, when Craig was killed in an explosion in Afghanistan, and Danny and Valentina mourned him back home.

Danny and Valentina standing in the rain crying



On The Undoing, when Elena was brutally murdered, and we spent the entire season trying to figure out what happened.

Elena on the ground screaming



On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., when Enoch sacrificed himself so everyone else could live.

Enoch sacrificing himself and telling Jemma that "Fitz would do the same for me"



And on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., when Malick shockingly killed Jiaying after revealing that Daisy is actually her daughter.

Daisy pleading with Jiaying to stay back and not go at it with Malick



On The Walking Dead, when Negan finally killed Alpha after luring her to a cabin by saying that he had Lydia, her daughter.

Alpha's head lying on the ground as a walker



And on The Walking Dead, when Daryl saved Negan by killing Beta right in front of a massive walker hoard.

Daryl stabbing Beta and Negan being shocked he saved him



On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Captain Holt found out Madeline Wuntch unexpectedly died.

Holt looking in Wuntch's casket and realizing she's actually dead



On Stargirl, when Henry was killed by his own father after he helped Stargirl and the rest of her team escape the Injustice Society.

Henry telling Stargirl that she was right, people are good and don't let his death change that

The CW


On Station 19, when Captain Pruitt Herrera heartbreakingly died while saving Andy and the rest of the squad, who were trapped inside a burning building.

Pruitt telling Maya to make sure Andrea knows that he did everything he could for her his entire life



On Prodigal Son, when Ainsley killed Nicholas after he threatened Malcolm and Jessica.

Ainsley covered in blood and Malcolm asking what she did



On The Good Doctor, when Melendez sadly died moments after finally telling Claire that he loved her.

Claire and Melendez saying "I love you" to each other



On Arrow, when Oliver died (again) in order to save the world from the Anti-Monitor and save his friends and family.

Oliver saying to Barry and Sara that dying is easy, but going on is hard

The CW


On Big Sky, when Legarski shockingly killed Cody after he went looking for Danielle and Grace.

Rick shooting Cody after he asks too many questions about the long-haul truckers being tied to slave trade



On Cable Girls/Las Chicas del Cable, when Romero shot and killed Carlos, but made it look like he killed himself.

Carlos sitting in a chair, bleeding from his head



And on Cable Girls/Las Chicas del Cable, when Lidia, Carlota, Ă“scar, and Marga sacrificed themselves so their families could be free.

The girls standing together and a final card reading, "The cable girls gave their lives to make a better world"



On The Flight Attendant, when Cassie woke up in a hotel room next to Alex’s dead body.

Cassie stunned after seeing Alex's dead body in bed



On Batwoman, when Alice killed Mouse after he wanted to leave her and start his own life.

Alice saying goodbye to Mouse after poisoning him and telling him, "I'll see you again in Wonderland"

The CW


On Vikings, after surviving the battle with White Hair, Lagertha was tragically killed by Hvitserk after he hallucinated and believed she was a giant snake.

Legartha being stabbed and dying in Hvitserk's arms

History / Amazon Prime Video


And finally, on Julie and the Phantoms, when Luke, Alex, and Reggie died by eating tainted hot dogs, but then turned into our favorite ghost band.

Alex saying "That's a new flavor" and Reggie assuring him that "street dogs haven't killed us yet"


Which TV character death from 2020 are you still not over? Tell us in the comments below!

2020 is finally (almost) over, and we’re looking back on the year. Check out even more from the year here!


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