41 Tweets About Netflix's New Documentary "Night Stalker"

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If you have an interest in true crime, Netflix’s Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer should be on your radar. The in-depth documentary unravels the chilling history of Richard Ramirez and the terror California faced in the 1980s.

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From eyewitness interviews to the determined detectives, viewers are taken along for the ride that ultimately ends with Ramirez’s arrest. The four-episode limited series has been in Netflix’s top 10 most-watched list since debuting on January 13.

Former detective Gil Carrillo being interviewed in the Night Stalker documentary


We’ve rounded up some fan reactions to Netflix’s latest documentary. Check them out below:


Twitter: @theOtherCrys


Whoever was the sketch artist. I wanna fight because….#nightstalkernetflix #NightStalker

Twitter: @tdotkaay


I just watched the Night Stalker doc on Netflix, because of the character in American Horror Story 1984. Thanks for giving me nightmares tonight 😳

Twitter: @ecvdblk


Me when I hear a noise in my house after watching Night Stalker 😩😩

Disney Channel / Twitter: @LEXI_mcgregor


The detectives on the “night stalker” case

Twitter: @ashleykimballl


Couldn’t have said it better myself #NightStalker

Netflix / Twitter: @MauraHiggins


When they could of caught the Night Stalker at the dentist #NightStalker #netflix

Universal Pictures / Twitter: @dannyfoulis


Sorry but no wonder they couldn’t catch this man… #NightStalker

Netflix / Twitter: @natashamakovora


NBC / Twitter: @Laurissss


Name a better duo. #NightStalker

Netflix / Twitter: @adiface


I’m talking to you, Night Stalker (via @MyThrpstSays)

FOX / Twitter: @mindykaling


After binge watching the Nightstalker…

Twitter: @YOTB1987


If you’ve watched Night Stalker, you will get this LOL

Twitter: @DestinyTessier2


Why did I decide to watch the night stalker at 12 am

Twitter: @AimingGoddess


Did no one lock their doors back in the day in LA? #NightStalker

Twitter: @keelanm14


Stupidly watched Night Stalker lastnight & spent the rest of the night in bed like this…

Nickelodeon / Twitter: @Ind3pendent7


When you get to the Groupie section of #NightStalker

Twitter: @thepilotseason


Almost done with episode 3 of the Night Stalker doc on Netflix & Idk how those investigators didn’t lose their 💩
they missed catching the killer MULTIPLE times all because of other’s people’s mistakes 🤬
so many deaths & assaults could’ve been prevented 🤦🏻‍♀️

Twitter: @PiedPiperedOT7


Watching the Dianne Feinstein section of #NightStalker

Twitter: @j_mizzles


Me knowing a neighbourhood of people beat the shit out of Richard Ramirez before the cops arrived #NightStalker

NBC / Twitter: @erikamegan1


My guy Gil Carrillo when the LAPD dropped the ball in the dentist office #NightStalker

ESPN / Twitter: @GillTheThrilll


the chills and the thrill knowing neighbors got together to catch him

Netflix / Twitter: @crizarah


no they are being so extra with his police sketch every time I see it I close my eyes he ain’t even look like that no wonder they ain’t get his ass #NightStalker

Twitter: @GlamGothBeauty


The LAPD fumbling the opportunity to catch the killer in the dentist’s office with the faulty alarm I- #nightstalkernetflix

Twitter: @elle_sibanda


Props to the homocide detectives but let’s not forget about this guy who beat him with a metal stick and their neighbors that helped catch Richard Ramirez . True mvp #NightStalker

Twitter: @no_quiero_sleep


Me every time they showed a picture of Richard Ramirez looking straight at the camera. No sir, not my soul!! 😬😂

Twitter: @jazrrdgz


richard ramirez was such a dumbass leaving his stupid ass Bigfoot prints everywhere. loser

Twitter: @glitter_bat_


it really blows my mind that girls were so head over heels for serial killers like richard ramirez. what was so special about him, anyway? if I wanted to find a guy with pointy cheekbones who might kill me at any moment, I could just go to the gas station.

Netflix / Twitter: @gothspiderbitch



literally no one:

Richard Ramirez in somebody’s window:

Netflix / Twitter: @LPOTLmemes


Richard Ramirez trying on his new footwear

Twitter: @davidxnowlan


was washing my hair n saw richard ramirez face when i closed my eyes bruh im sick

Twitter: @makeupbyshaniah


I enjoyed the photos of him bandaged because East Los residents beat the shit out of him. Richard Ramirez really chose the wrong hood lmao #NightStalker

Netflix / Twitter: @ChinaaMarinaa


whoever is lusting after the night stalker, aka: richard ramirez needs help

Twitter: @cobwebkitten


idk what’s scarier the richard ramirez doc on netflix or the tweet i just saw from a girl describing him as her favorite serial killer

Twitter: @afroelven


the neighbours when they caught richard ramirez: #TheNightStalker

CBS / Twitter: @chezrramirez


women really flashed titties for Richard Ramirez –

Twitter: @lunasofiiaa


Me watching the night stalker documentary

No one ,,,, my grandpa sitting in the back talking about how him and his boys jumped Richard Ramirez

Twitter: @bukii666


“You put them together and they look like the same guy!”

Narrator: they did not look like the same guy. #NightStalker

Netflix / Twitter: @RoyaltyCanadian


When detective Gil said “I wish my dad would’ve been there. I wanted him to be proud.” I balled my eyes out 😭💔 #NightStalker

Twitter: @ssuussyy_


This man was out here raping children and killing grandma’s and women were showing up at the courthouse to see him and sending him nudes?!? #NightStalker



Artist/Activist Ester Petschar lived in LA during the Night Stalker murders and I can’t decide if I love her more for her glasses or for her take on Richard Ramirez’s groupies. 10/10, national treasure

Netflix / Twitter: @cheetahmaree

Have you watched Night Stalker: The Hunt For a Serial Killer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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