40 Celebrities Who You Probably Have Never Seen What They Looked Like When They Were Younger

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George Clooney at age 24 in 1985:

Head shot of George in a printed blue shirt with a pink background

Nbc / Getty Images


Maggie Smith at age 27 in 1962:

Maggie in a velvet dress holding a glass of wine

Evening Standard / Getty Images


Cicely Tyson at age 38 in 1963:

Cicely Tyson in a scene from the CBS television program "East Side/West Side"

Cbs Photo Archive / Getty Images


Betty White at age 33 in 1955:

Betty in a navy blue dress leaning on a couch

Archive Photos / Getty Images


James Earl Jones at age 31 in 1962:

James Earl Jones with a beard and dressed as Othello

Cbs Photo Archive / Getty Images


Jane Fonda at age 21 in 1959:

Jane leaning on chaise with hair to the side and tide up shirt

Bettmann Archive / Getty Images


Anthony Hopkins at age 31 in 1969:

Close up of Anthony from the shoulders up

Archive Photos / Getty Images


Helen Mirren at age 20 in 1965:

Helen dresses as Cleopatra and laying on a chair

Mirrorpix / Getty Images


Bill Murray at age 27 in 1977:

Bill in a black T-shirt leaning onto a table with his head resting on his arm

NBC / Getty Images


Meryl Streep at age 27 in 1976:

Meryl smiling in a blue top smiling towards the camera

Jack Mitchell / Getty Images


Larry David at age 32 in 1980:

Larry looking upset

Abc Photo Archives / Walt Disney Television via Getty


Jack Nicholson at age 20 in 1958:

Jack in stripped shirt looking away from the camera

Herbert Dorfman / Getty Images


Tina Turner at age 24 in 1964:

Tina laying on her side in a green and cream dress

Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images


Angela Lansbury at age 19 in 1945:

Angela in a Victorian era costume

Donaldson Collection / Getty Images


Jeff Bridges at age 20 in 1970:

ABC Photo Archives / Walt Disney Television via Getty


Kathy Bates at age 27 in 1976:

Walt Disney Television Photo Arc / ABC


Patrick Stewart at age 30 in 1970:

Patrick sitting on some stairs with a black dog on his lap

Mirrorpix / Getty Images


Harrison Ford at age 24 in 1966:

Harrison dressed in a Confederate costume

Columbia Pictures / Getty Images


Judi Dench at age 22 in 1957:

Judi Dench dressed like a princess

Bob Haswell/Daily Express/Hulton Archive / Getty Images


Oprah Winfrey at age 24 in 1978:

Picasa / Getty Images


Ralph Lauren at age 31 in 1970:

Jack Robinson/Hulton Archive / Getty Images


Charo at age 16 in 1967:

Charo on a stage sitting on a stool and in front of microphone while holding a guitar

Cbs Photo Archive / Getty Images


Mick Jagger at age 20 in 1963:

Mick in a recording booth

Keystone Features / Getty Images


Sally Field at age 18 in 1965:

Sally dressed in a pink polk dot shirt while talking on a pink phone

ABC Photo Archives / Walt Disney Television via Getty


Jessica Lange at age 27 in 1977:

Jessica in a black coat walking into a party

Frank Edwards/Fotos International / Getty Images


Lily Tomlin at age 30 in 1969:

Lily with her hands under her facing a smiling

ABC Photo Archives / Walt Disney Television via Getty


Quincy Jones at age 29 in 1933:

A headshot of Quincy

Gilles Petard / Redferns


David Letterman at age 31 in 1978:

Publicity photo of David where he is wearing a striped polo

CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images


Dolly Parton at age 19 in 1965:

Dolly with big a beehive hairstyle

Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images


Anjelica Huston at age 18 in 1969:

Anjelica dressed in a white middle age type dress

Stanley Bielecki Movie Collection / Getty Images


Candice Bergen at age 21 in 1967:

Hulton Archive / Getty Images


Neil Diamond at age 26 in 1967:

Neil in a jacket and cowboy hat

Redferns / Getty Images


Dionne Warwick at age 23 in 1964:

Dionne walking off a plane with bitting her sunglasses

Evening Standard / Getty Images


Stevie Wonder at age 15 in 1965:

Steve smiling wearing cat-style sunglasses and a houndstooth coat

Hulton Archive / Getty Images


Shirley MacLaine at age 21 in 1955:

Shirley MacLine in a red top picking holding an orange tree branch

Hulton Archive / Getty Images


Robert De Niro at age 30 in 1973:

Santi Visalli Inc. / Getty Images


Steven Spielberg at age 28 in 1975:

Steven laying on a yellow couch

Giorgio Ambrosi/Mondadori via Getty Images


Robert Redford at age 28 in 1965:

Archive Photos / Getty Images


Cher at age 18 in 1964:

Cher looking towards the camera with thick eyeliner around her eyes and big bangs

Michael Ochs Archives


And lastly, Willie Nelson at age 34 in 1967:

Willie holding his guitar

Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images


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