31 Things From Walmart That Just May Actually Keep Your Home Organized This Year

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A kitchen island cart that gives you more counter space without a whole remodel. It has a drawer and cupboards to keep go-to tools close by but hidden, and it also has a solid wood top, towel bar, and convenient side spice rack.

white kitchen island cart with wood top and spice rack on the side


Promising review: “Love, love, love this kitchen cart. I just got it yesterday and put it together in about an hour with no issues. It was the easiest assembly of anything I have bought. Lots of storage and the top is a very nice quality. The style and color match my kitchen perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.” —Babesthecat

Price: $149 (originally $179, available in two colors)


A metal hall tree to make your entryway look less cluttered. There are ~18~ hooks for coats and accessories, as well as three shelves for shoes. So plenty of options.

white hall tree with accessories and coat hanging on the racks and shoes and boxes on the shelves below


Promising review: “I LOVE this rack! I have it by my front door, I live in a very small apartment so I was looking for something not entirely too big and could also store multiple items with ease and that looked organized.” —Walmart Customer

Price: $51.99 (originally $59.99, available in two colors)


A set of Rubbermaid food storage containers that’ll keep all your dry foods and ingredients fresh (no more half-torn open bags), and make your pantry look like an organizational dream.

clear food storage containers filled with various dry foods like cereal, flour, and pasta


There are 10 BPA-free, stain-resistant, and leak-proof containers and lids included.

Promising review: “This is a very good storage container set for all kinds of items! It is also very pleasing to the eye when trying to organize your kitchen! Most of all I love the airtight seal that keeps everything very fresh!” —Phedra

Price: $45.90 (originally $79.99)


A pair of handwoven round baskets to act as both decor and storage. There are two different sized baskets made with natural seagrass and twisted paper, and they have handles to make it easy to move them around.

two different sized natural and black colored baskets with handles and items inside


Promising review: “I cannot say enough good things about these baskets. I absolutely love them. They are very durable and hold way more then I expected. I ordered these for my living room and got more to organize my kids toys. The handles make them easy to move when I need to vacuum” —kathryn

Price: $23.82 (available in two size options)


An Umbra dish drying rack and mat that’ll help you dry your pots, dishes, and utensils all in one place, without leave a puddle of water on your counter.

grey dish drying rack with pot, plates, and utensils on top


The dish rack holds 18 plates and is removable, and the mat is microfiber and machine-washable.

Promising review: “Love it. Modern-looking, works well drying dishes, utensils, pots/ pans. So glad to get rid of my old dish rack. Really looks nice on my counter top.” —Michaelene

Price: $13.46 (originally $15, available in three colors)


A Novogratz metal rolling cart you can use to hold pretty much anything in your house — books, office supplies, crafts, plants, bathroom essentials, happy hour ingredients, and the list goes on and on.

gold-finished metal cart in living room with wine and other bottles


Promising review: “I needed something like this for my office where I could stack bills to be paid, an 8.5″ x 11″ plastic file box, and an A-Z organizer folder. This works perfectly and I can roll it up to my desk on bill pay day. It’s also great to use as a tea or beverage cart or houseplant holder. My daughter wants one for her bathroom or bedroom to organize her cosmetics and hair products. My husband says he could use on in the garage to organize shipping supplies! SO many uses!” —SavvySecrets

Price: $58.49


An organizer storage bench that will keep your entryway or other areas of your home tidy and also provide a spot for you to take a load off your feet.

gray cushioned storage bench with cube and items stored inside


Promising review: “I’ve been looking for a bench for my dining area that can also be used as storage. I also needed comfortable seating for little ones, tall enough so they can reach their dinner easily. This was a perfect fit!” —gaonue

Price: $99 (available in seven colors)


A Simplehuman slim sink caddy to make sure your kitchen sponges are within arm’s reach. It has a ledge hanger and four suction cups to keep it in place, and ventilation holes to help prevent sponges from getting super gross.

stainless steel sink caddy with sponge inside


Promising review: “First sink holder that works. No slippage, no movement, just exactly what I wanted and much needed. After purchasing numerous types and pitching them after a month or two, this IS the best, the usable one to have on every sink!” —Jennifer L.

Price: $12.99


A two-tier iron mesh rack that’ll make it easier to find a pair of matching shoes when you leave the house. It can hold up to 25 pounds on each shelf and can also be used to organize kitchen essentials, cleaning products, and anything currently sitting in a pile somewhere on the floor.

two-tiered iron shoe rack against a wall with shoes under and on the shelves


Promising review: “Really nice, modern yet fits any decor. I really love it. Took like three minutes to connect and voila, ready for shoes. Also, comes with four screws if you wish to order and extra rack. Nice touch! Great, great price!” —Kathleen

Price: $14.82


A set of flexible drawer organizers to help make any junk drawer look a little less junky. The set comes with five organizers of different sizes and colors that are also dishwasher-safe (hello, easy cleaning).

Multi-colored drawer organizers holding various office supplies inside a drawer


Promising review: “If you are a crafter or hobbyist or anyone that needs to sort and store small items, mainstays flexible drawer storage organizers are excellent. I have used all kinds of little boxes over the years but they wear out, get crushed, fall apart and end up replaced. The flexible storage organizers are so much sturdier and much more attractive than the cardboard boxes.” —stitchnovice

Price: $4.96


A coat rack that fits over most standard-size doors so you have a place to hang your coats, bags, robes, or towels instead of just throwing them on top of the already giant pile on your chair.

over-the-door coat rack holding a coat and purse


Promising review: “I love this over-the-door six rack! I can hang so many things on the top and lower level. It’s well-made and hangs securely on the door. I highly recommend this item!” —Lynn

Price: $11.46 (originally $12.99, available in three colors)


A stainless-steel plastic bag dispenser because your current organizational system — a plastic bag holding more bags — is just getting out of control. Anchor it to the inside of a door to keep your growing bag collection contained.

plastic bag dispenser mounted on a cabinet under the kitchen sink


Promising review: “Great item that makes storing a minimum number of plastic bags. I can now see the floor of my broom closet and am not embarrassed when I open the door.” —Valerie

Price: $9.42 (originally $16.59)


A stainless-steel revolving spice rack so you can easily grab some salt or rosemary with a flick of the wrist. And if you’re thinking, “I don’t even have enough spices to fill a whole rack,” fret not: The set comes with 16 pre-filled jars and includes free spice refills for five years.

two-tier stainless steel spice rack with jars of spices, sitting on a cutting board with ingredients


Promising review: “I actually love the size of this spice rack because it fits in my cabinet and doesn’t have to take up counter space. I bought two. And was surprised to see that the racks come with spices.” —MommaB

Price: $19.97


A plastic storage tower to provide an easy, lightweight way to organize your stuff. The drawers are clear to help you quickly see what’s inside, and they have drawer stops, so you won’t accidentally pull the whole dang thing out when you’re in a rush.

plastic four-drawer storage chest with towels and bath products inside, sitting in a bathroom


Promising review: “If you are looking for a sturdy plastic dresser, get this! You will not be disappointed! It has metal support bars so the top does not fall in, drawers are roomy, and it’s the perfect size! I am using this one to hold my daughters clothes, but plan to get a couple more for the bathroom, and play room!” —Jadingama

Price: $32.38 (originally $39.99)


A two-drawer cosmetics organizer so you can make sure all your small essentials are neatly kept together instead of randomly strewn across the counter and/or floor.

clear two drawer organizer with nail polish and eyelash curler on top and lipsticks inside the drawers


Promising review: “I absolutely love this organizer! It is the perfect size and there is just the right amount of space in the drawers. I like that it is stackable so you can purchase a few pieces for even more storage if needed. The clear plastic makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. The drawers slide in and out easily. It’s very well made and looks great! I will be purchasing more. I would definitely recommend.” —Heather77

Price: $11.28


A set of woven baskets that provide stylish, sturdy storage for all your odds and ends. The set comes with three different-sized baskets and can be nested when not in use.

Three woven baskets with miscellaneous bath products inside


Promising review: “I ordered these to organize my hall closet as well as organize the area above my laundry room. The baskets smell wonderful and the overall decor work well with my Southwest home.” —Ami1922

Price: $25.99 (originally $31.65)


A collapsible laundry basket to keep your clean (or dirty) clothes together, and that also won’t act like a big space hog in your closet.

white and gray collapsible laundry basket sitting on a bed


Promising review: “This is a great laundry basket. It folds up perfectly and stores easily. Same size as a regular basket.” —Marcia

Price: $25.04


A hanging shoe organizer that maximizes your closet by taking up a minimal amount of space. It will help you keep all your shoes tucked away together in happy pairs.

10-shelf hanging shoe organizer in a closet with shoes inside


Promising review: “Fits perfectly in my closet and hardly takes any space up at all!!!” —Kimberly

Price: $11.98


A set of six fabric storage cube bins – they’re an easy solution for keeping your stuff organized and out of sight, especially if put away on shelves.

6 teal colored storage cubes on a two-shelf console


Promising review: “I needed storage cubes and was drawn to these because of the fabric, color and price. I am very glad I got them. What a bargain! They are a better quality than some I have seen for twice the price, look pretty and hold quite a bit. I am very happy with this purchase. They enable me to store a lot of items in an easy access location without looking cluttered.”—Kristine

Price: $21.42 (available in four colors)


A six-cube storage organizer to hold cube bins, home decor, electronics, and more, helping make any room look cleaner with minimal effort.

natural wood colored organizer with books and storage bins inside


Promising review: “These cubbies are light yet sturdy and they are easy to assemble. The finish is nice and smooth. I have multiple cubbies of different sizes used around the house they can be used for almost any kind of storage / organization gives the home a tidy look.” —cutestkids

Price: $57.99 (originally $69.99, available in three colors)


A set of stackable refrigerator and freezer storage bins so your fridge contents are contained in an orderly fashion and food doesn’t come tumbling out every time you open the door.

6 clear refrigerator storage bins filled with food like drinks, eggs, product, condiments, dairy


Promising review: “Game-changer for organization of my food. I thought I didn’t really need to spend money on this but once it arrived and I cleaned out my refrigerator, I’m sold. Great price too! This will keep my family from wasting food.” —Kathy

Price: $30


An expandable kitchen drawer organizer, because how annoying is it to be constantly digging through your messy drawers hunting for that whisk or wine opener?

bamboo drawer organize inside a drawer and holding different utensils


Promising review: “I am very happy with this bamboo drawer organizer. It fits perfectly in my silverware drawer and leaves just enough space for a few small kitchen tools that I like to keep in that drawer also. It was a good purchase.” —Sallysays

Price: $19.44


A multi-purpose wire storage shelf that can be stacked or hung anywhere you want to use your space more efficiently, whether that’s inside a closet, kitchen cabinet, or laundry room.

white wire storage shelf holding an iron and jar of clothes pins with towels underneath


Promising review: “Great for maximizing shelf space. I bought three and they are sturdy and easy to use. Came full assembled and all I had to do was unfold.” —Millicent

Price: $9.74 (originally $12.99)


A pair of wire baskets to declutter a room and that can be put away on a shelf or left out without being an eyesore. They even have built in chalkboard labels so you’ll know exactly where you put what.

a lined, wire basket holding books sitting on a coffee table and another wire basket holding towels on the floor


Promising review: “These baskets are so affordable and perfect addition to my farmhouse feel. The medium size fits perfect in their cube storage. I used them to hide shoes and hats in my front entrance. Super deep and holds a lot of things. ” —Alexis

Price: $57.13


An over-the-toilet bathroom organizer that will give even the smallest of bathrooms more storage space. Never go hunting around the house for spare toilet paper again.

black over the toilet 3-shelf organizer with bathroom essentials on the shelves


Promising review: “I eyeballed this in store in passing a few times and finally bought it online. Amazing for the price! I was able to put it all together easily by hand with a screwdriver. Later I borrowed a power tool to anchor it to the wall. Looks nice and the shelf liners are a delightful bonus. Perfect for my half bathroom.” —Lauren

Price: $19.84 (available in three colors)


A hanging closet organizer to give you some extra shelves and side pockets if you don’t have any (or enough) storage currently built into your closet.

Hanging closet organizer inside a closet with accessories, clothes, and shoes on the shelves


Promising review: “The fabric is really sturdy and thick which is great so you don’t have to worry about it when putting heavier items in it like shoes. The shelves are also reinforced and the top hooks are metal and very heavy duty. The packaging says each shelf can hold up to 11 pounds which is quite a bit! This closet organizer has six shelves and I love the four additional storage pockets on the sides which are a great place to put smaller items like gloves, socks, scarves, and wallets.” —yetiwifey

Price: $14.88


An expandable shower caddy so you’re not tripping over shampoo and soap bottles, sponges, razors, and other miscellaneous items when you step into and out of the shower.

silver adjustable shower caddy in a shower holding bottles, sponge, and razors


Promising review: “This shower caddy is great. One of the best features is the ability to stabilize it. We all have experienced caddies sliding back and forth on the shower head but with this one it does not. You have to unscrew the tension screws. Also, you can rearrange the baskets and it has multiple hooks to hang things. I love it and highly recommend. Would purchase this item again.” —Nahni

Price: $20.97 (available in two colors)


A set of foldable organizers to keep your drawers tidier, to help decrease the time you spend rummaging around looking for a specific pair of underwear or same colored socks.

four fabric organizers filled with underwear, bras, and small accessories


The set comes with four different organizers that can be collapsed for storage.

Promising review: “Game-changer! Now my underwear is super organized, it doesn’t dance every time I open and close the drawers. Your bras will appreciate it.” —Jacinta

Price: $14.99


A storage ottoman that makes a great footrest or seat but also provides a hiding place for extra blankets, pillows, board games, and more.

brown storage ottoman with lid open and miscellaneous items inside


Promising review: “This is a wonderful storage ottoman. Great size, lightweight, comes fully assembled, great storage, covered hinges to protect fingers from getting pinched, easy to wipe clean. Goes with any decor.” —MomOf1SonInFL

Price: $48.24


A stackable can rack to let you easily catalog how many cans of soup or corn you’ve somehow managed to collect over the years.

can rack with cans of soda, soup, and vegetables stacked on the shelves


Promising review: “I NEEDED this in my pantry to organize some can goods. I always stacked my can goods on the pantry shelves and never knew what I had. They would get “mixed” in with the containers of Easy Mac, Healthy Choice Pasta meals and lunch box desert cups. This rack SOLVED the problem!!!” —scrapperstamper

Price: $27.93 (originally $35.76)


A utensil holder by The Pioneer Woman that’ll hold all your most used kitchen tools right where you need them on your countertop.

The Pioneer Woman floral kitchen utensil holder sitting on a table


Promising review: “Not only is this a beautiful piece, it is nice and big and holds my utensils wonderfully, with room to spare! I love it so much. It is also so easy to clean, as it is dishwasher-safe!” —Annie

Price: $14.49 (originally $17.49)

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illustrated shopping bags


The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.


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