31 Splurge-Worthy Things From Target That’ll Be Useful All Year

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A Marshall Bluetooth speaker that looks as good as it sounds. The amp-inspired speaker can be used up to 30 feet away from your device and relies on Bluetooth to belt out next-level sound.

The speaker


Promising review: “What’s not to like? I was very skeptical buying it cause I’m like Marshall makes amps and haven’t ever heard them getting into the Bluetooth speaker game. Boy was I wrong. I love the vintage look to it and the quality is very impressive. I consider myself an audiophile, I have an old onkyo receiver, record player and excellent speaker set up. I’ve wanted a good speaker for on the go or just for streaming music when friends are over and what not but I didn’t want to sacrifice sound quality. I’ve had a lot of speakers. This Marshall by far blows everything out of the park in my opinion with knobs to be able to adjust the bass and treble very easily to get the sound you enjoy. I’m very happy with this purchase and highly recommend this speaker. Works well with multiple genres as well.” –Target reviewer

Price: $229.99


A Nutribullet electric juicer to whip up all your favorite healthy bevs at home. Despite launching in 2020, the device has already topped the charts with nearly all 5-star reviews. And, considering it can break down all your favorite fruits and veggies into delish juices, it’s really no wonder why.

The Juicer

The Juicer


I own this little wonder gadget and let’s be clear: You probably should, too. If juice is your jam, you’ll dig how easy it is to convert fruits and veggies into tasty drinks. Simply drop in the fruit, let it get fully squeezed, remove the leftover shreds, and wipe it clean. Easy peasy!

Price: $99.99

The Juicer

The Juicer


I own this little wonder gadget and let’s be clear: You probably should, too. If juice is your jam, you’ll dig how easy it is to convert fruits and veggies into tasty drinks. Simply drop in the fruit, let it get fully squeezed, remove the leftover shreds, and wipe it clean. Easy peasy!

Price: $99.99


A LuMee phone case from Paris Hilton’s new collab so you can always have the very best lighting for all of your selfies and group pics. The holographic phone case has lights on the front and back, so you’ll never have to worry about not showing up in your pictures again.

The holographic phone case


This phone case just launched at Target and is sure to sell out fast. Take it from someone who loves LuMee cases for their durability and design, not to mention their unbeatable convenience.

Price: $69.99


A Crosley turntable to add a little retro flair to your music-listening setup. The cult-favorite turntable can be taken on-the-go or set up in your home, and is designed to play 33-1/3, 45, and 78 rpm albums.

The suitcase-styled vinyl player


Promising review: “After reading reviews everywhere online for many different brands of suitcase type portable record players, it seemed to me to be a hit or miss situation if one got a good or bad one. Going in I didn’t expect it to be the same as high-end equipment but I hoped it would function as good as can be expected for a portable. Somewhat pricier than I planned to spend, I bought this player at my local Target store so I could easily return it within their required 30 day period as I assumed that is what would be happening. I tested/played at least one record every day for 28 days alternating between all three speeds. There were NO problems with sound, speed, or function at all. I got a good one. Yay. I am SO happy with it.” –Target reviewer

Price: $89.95


A NutriBullet single-serve blender that will save you from spending beaucoup bucks on your daily green smoothie habit. The blender comes with a short and tall cup, as well as lip rings (to smoothly cover the top of the twist grooves on the cup) and a detachable handle. In other words, it makes making smoothies for at-home or on-the-go easier than ever.

The blender


Promising review: “This a great blender. I love that it smoothly breaks down even my frozen fruits and it’s quick. I love it!” –Target reviewer

Price: $59.99


An Alexa Smart Home Hub for folks who like to see the time, listen to music, and have a robot at their beck and call. The newly-redesigned hub looks like a chic little sphere that glows blue. It can be used as an alarm, to check the weather, and to answer just about any question that comes to your mind.

The Smart Hub


If you loved the OG Alexa, you’ll dig this one even more. The design alone gives it a new and improved vibe that we can all get on board with.

Price: $59.99


An OXO five-piece airtight food storage set to keep your pantry as organized as the guest stars on Home Edit. These stackable, airtight containers will bring you so much joy — take it from someone whose pantry is stocked with them.

The containers


Promising review: “I wish I could have afforded these much sooner. These keep out the ants. I like the simple usage and design so that I can stack smaller ones on top of taller ones. I like the simple push and no twist design.” –Target reviewer

Price: $49.99


An Instant Pot 8-quart pressure cooker that can be used as a regular pressure cooker or an air-fryer — but that’s just the surface. The versatile kitchen appliance can be used to pressure cook, sauté, steam, slow cook, sous vide, and warm food, while the air fryer lid offers five additional dry cooking functions: to quickly air fry, roast, bake, broil, and dehydrate foods.

The Air Fryer


Promising review: “This was my first multi-cooker purchase. And it did not disappoint! I love the versatility of it! I’ve used the air fryer several times and it works beautifully! It’s a great value! I was thinking I’d have to get a separate machine for pressure cooking, another for air frying, and a slow cooker! But with this, it’s all together! It’s perfect for my kitchen with limited storage… even though it is quite large. But it’s nice to be able to fit things like a whole chicken or a large roast! The best part? Most of the parts are dishwasher-safe. Makes cleanup a breeze!” –Target reviewer

Price: $179.99


An LG 50″ smart TV to stream all your favorite shows and movies. Even if you don’t have cable, this TV comes with LG channels that let you tune in to popular channels sans any extra fees. Pretty cool, no? (P.S. I have two and am a big fan!)

The TV


Promising review: “Awesome TV for the price. The LG provided channels alone will leave you not wanting to pay for cable anymore. The best thing about this TV is its image, with very accurate colors and contrast, and very sharp 4k resolution, for $300 it is a deal!!!!” –Target reviewer

Price: $299.99 (originally $329.99)


A Casper down bed pillow that may seem steeply-priced but quickly proves why it’s well worth the extra cash. The *extremely* comfortable pillow is fluffy and supportive, not to mention sustainability sourced, so there’s no doubt it will make you feel especially good.

The pillow


Say hello to the absolute coziest pillow, y’all. It’s especially fab for side sleepers (hello, it me), though, keep in mind, some folks think it can get a tad toasty overnight.

Price: $148.50 (originally $160; available in two sizes)


A Novogratz memory foam futon so your guests always have somewhere to stay. Best of all, this trendy piece doesn’t look like your classic futon — it looks like something you’d find at Anthro, thanks to its bold color and chic design.

The Futon

The futon


Promising review: “We bought this couch after having to toss our old one in a move. It fits in our awkward hallway to staircase entrance and seems to be holding up well so far to cat scratching! We have four cats so time will tell how long the upholstery lasts but so far so good. It was very easy to assemble as well. We are very pleased!” –Target reviewer

Price: $519.99 (available in two colors)

The Futon

The futon


Promising review: “We bought this couch after having to toss our old one in a move. It fits in our awkward hallway to staircase entrance and seems to be holding up well so far to cat scratching! We have four cats so time will tell how long the upholstery lasts but so far so good. It was very easy to assemble as well. We are very pleased!” –Target reviewer

Price: $519.99 (available in two colors)


A Casaluna linen blend duvet set to outfit your bed in the utmost comfort and minimalist style. It’s made with sustainable fabric and — best of all — comes with little ties to keep your comforter securely in place within the duvet.

The bed set


Promising review: “I love our duvet cover so far. We bought it in white. It’s heavy, and it’s good quality. It’s very comfortable and cozy. I have washed and dried it once, and the length/width on the king is great. It seems a little larger than other king comforters I’ve owned, and it covers more on the sides of the bed.” –Target reviewer

Price: $99 (available in six colors and two sizes)


A Novogratz seashell accent chair that’s undeniably chic. The shell silhouette has been taking home design trends by storm, making it a must for folks who like to flow with what’s in. Plus, considering most chairs like this cost double the price, it’s a steal!

The chair in pink


Price: $439.99 (available in two colors)


A Pyrex food storage set to keep your food fresh and your conscience clear. Unlike most food storage containers, these beauties are made of glass, so using them helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, 10 containers for $50? A wonderful deal.

The Pyrex containers


Promising review: “These containers are great! They move easily from the fridge to the microwave to the dishwasher. The lids snap well to form a tight seal. We most often use these to heat up frozen veggies then store the leftovers and reheat them later…it’s very convenient to be able to use the same dish. They look nice as a quick serving dish too due to the simple glass design. We used to have an all-plastic set from Sterilite, but they don’t microwave well and start to degrade easily when put in the microwave (even though they’re supposedly microwave-safe). These glass ones are a great upgrade from the plastic ones—there are so many practical uses!” –Target reviewer

Price: $49.99


A 14-piece KitchenAid knife set so you can slice and dice like a chef. The top-rated set includes a knife block, chef knife, bread knife, utility knife, santoku knife, paring knife, six steak knives, shears, and sharpening steel.

The knife set


Promising review: “Love this knife set. They have a nice weight to them and the sharpener is great. I’ve used the sharpener on old knives with great results.” –Target reviewer

Price: $89.99 (originally $99.99)


A Cricut Maker Machine that will turn you into a bonafide crafter. The best-selling gadget regularly sells out but is constantly restocked — and for good reason! It lets you cut through more than 300 materials and features digital sewing and quilting patterns to take you beyond the device.

The Cricut Maker Machine


Promising review: “Amazing! This machine is so versatile, from cutting vinyl to fabric and even wood. I can’t wait to create things with it.” –Target reviewer

Price: $369.99


A Drinkworks home bar by Keurig so you can take the hassle out of mixing drinks. This single-serve bar lets you whip up all your favorite classic cocktails — like margaritas, Moscow mules, and red sangria — with a simple press of a button. Dangerous? Perhaps. Worth it? 100%.

The Keurig Drinkworks Machine


Promising review: “Best. Decision. Ever! It’s like a hired bartender for my home. My friends and husband can enjoy all of these different cocktails without me having to mix different drinks, including a Mai Tai…because who makes Mai Tais at home? And it’s reduced the bottle counter clutter!” –Target reviewer

Price: $299.99


A turquoise Nintendo Switch Lite that will keep you occupied for hours on end. The on-the-go video game console is compatible with all Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode.

The Handheld Switch


Promising review: “Expensive, but worth the investment. I got one for my husband and myself and we both love them! We have used them almost every day since we purchased them! Plan on getting them for the kids when they are older too.” –Target reviewer

Price: $199.99


A KitchenAid 5-quart stand mixer so you can easily whip up all your favorite doughs. Not only are KitchenAid mixers unbeatable in quality, but their very design offers a classic style statement to any home, as well.

The Stand Mixer


Promising review: “Not only is it beautiful, but it’s sturdy and durable. It’s definitely worth the additional cost. My husband was like we can buy this one or we can keep buying 100 dollar mixers that will break in three years. The best part was that it mixes everything really well! So far I have mixed two cakes, but I plan to do mash potatoes and sweet potatoes, I have no doubt this mixer is up for the job!” –Target reviewer

Price: $449.99 (available in five colors).


A Bose Bluetooth speaker that sounds so good, you’ll never want to go anywhere without it. Lucky for you, the Bluetooth speaker is durable, water-resistant, and has a battery life up to 16 hours.

The speaker


Promising review: “I cannot recommend this speaker enough. We show weekly outdoor movies for our neighborhood, and even without being at top volume, our neighbors who sit across the street can still hear it. Amazing sound quality, too.” –Target reviewer

Price: $299.99 (available in two colors)


A Novogratz rocking chair to add a little cozy goodness to your space. Whether you place it outside or in your favorite room of the house, the metal chair will add a bold statement to your home.

The rocking chair


Price: $149.99 (available in three colors)


A KitchenAid three-piece pasta roller-and-cutter set for folks who love to spend time in the kitchen. This top-selling set lets you create restaurant-quality pasta from the comfort of your own home — and it looks dang good in the process.

The pasta maker


Promising review: “Wonderful attachment!! I’ve used the hand-cranked pasta makers in the past which make a great pasta without having to knead the dough by hand. But, they rarely stay in place while feeding the dough through and cranking at the same time. This KitchenAid attachment is the best of both worlds. So easy to install and fun to use! The clean up was a breeze, too. All I needed to do was wipe with a damp cloth. It comes with a tiny stiff brush if pasta needs to be cleaned out of the grooves, but I haven’t need to use it yet. I don’t think my family will ever want to eat store-bought pasta again. It’s a perfect addition to my KitchenAid collection:)” –Target reviewer

Price: $199.99


A glittery Casemate phone case that ensures you’ll never misplace your phone again. The bumper-edged, high-shine phone is made with durable glitter that won’t flake off every time you touch it — a major win.

The glittery phone case


Promising review: “I’ll admit I was a little skeptical buying this case. I had only ever used OtterBox on my phones because I’m a klutz and drop my phone a LOT. I’ve dropped my phone off the top of my truck onto concrete in this thing and not a scratch on my phone. 10/10 recommend. It’s super cute and after a fall like that, I trust the case to keep my screen in one piece.” –Target reviewer

Price: $39.99


A Lodge 6-quart cast iron Dutch oven to whip up tasty dishes on your stove top or in your oven. For reference, the handles and knobs are oven-safe up to 500 degrees F.

The Dutch Oven


Promising review: “To put it simply, I love this piece! I never knew how much I needed a Dutch oven until I bought this one. I use it all the time for soups and chili and my husband loves when I make sausage gravy for breakfast and I can easily do it all in just this pot. And the color is an added bonus, I just leave it right on one of the shelves in our kitchen 1. Because it’s so cute and 2. Because I just use it that often that it’s nice to have handy. I think it’s a great starter Dutch oven for any beginner kitchen.” –Target reviewer

Price: $69.90 (available in two colors)


A Casper bed foundation that might not seem super exciting, but will quite literally change your life. The platform is padded so that you’ll never run into a corner and cry out in pain again. We told you so.

The Casper Bed Foundation


Promising review: “I put this together by myself in about 15 minutes. It took me longer to carry everything into the bedroom than putting it together. Very easy to do. The foundation fit perfectly onto my king size frame. I would recommend and would buy again. Having major back and neck issues, this bed and foundation have been the best bed I have ever slept on. I can now get a full night sleep without the pain I used to have when waking up in the morning.” –Target reviewer

Price: $270 (originally $300)


A tripod brass floor lamp to add undeniable style to your space. The top-rated lamp looks straight out of West Elm, but costs a fraction of what it would there.

The floor lamp


Promising review: “I get so many compliments on this one! It was so easy to put together. It looks unique and upscale. I love it!” –Target reviewer

Price: $90


A weighted blanket that won’t only keep your calm but cool, too. It measures 90 inches by 90 inches and weighs 35 pounds, so be ready to hoist this must-have into your home.

The blanket


The blanket comes with a moisture-wicking duvet cover that has snaps to keep the blanket in place inside. No wonder it has so many 4- and 5-star reviews!

Price: $229.49 (originally $269.99)


A tropical palm print for an instant touch of beachy goodness to any room. It comes in a bamboo frame that only makes the slightly-faded print look that much more luxe.

The tropical palm print


Promising review: “Beautiful, love the frame just makes the art piece look so expensive. I must say, the blue sky is not very blue. I would have liked a bit more blue hues in it.” –Target reviewer

Price: $69.99


A wedge pillow so you can lay in bed or work from your couch with more ease. Whether you use the wedge design to lounge against or as a make-shift workstation, you’re bound to fall in love.

The Wedge Pillow


Promising review: “One of the best purchases I’ve made. The quality is phenomenal and I use this pillow every day to read or watch TV.” –Target reviewer

Price: $68 (originally $85)


A two-door Novogratz accent locker that will give your space a little edge flair. You can use it as an entertainment system, entry table, side table, or whatever you wish, really.

The Locker


Price: $199.99 (available in four colors)


A stainless-steel Simplehuman trash can to keep your garbage as tucked away as possible. The innovative design traps scents and even has a place to store bags within the can. Look, I never knew a trash can would excite me either, but as soon as you buy one of these, you’ll fully understand the hype.

The trash can


Promising review: “This trash container is excellent. Ridiculously enough, I did research and read many reviews on this item. I had in my cart somewhere else and Target had it on sale. I use regular trash bags, however the Simplehuman M bags are great! Love love this product!” –Target reviewer

Price: $99.99

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.


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