31 Practical Things Worth Buying At Walmart's Black Friday Sale

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Attention, Black Friday shoppers! Your wait is over because Walmart is offering incredible deals *early* — the time to finally score all those handy yet splurge-y things you’ve had your eye on is now!


Let’s not waste time…here are some of the ~best of the best~:


An Instant Pot Duo Crisp that can maybe replace your entire kitchen. This thing can *deep breath* pressure cook, sautée, steam, slow cook, sous vide, warm, air fry, roast, bake, broil, and dehydrate. Who even needs a stove anymore?

The silver and black appliance


Promising review: “Works great and I was able to discard an old air fryer in which all the paint was peeling on the inside. I like being able to use the stainless steel pot as well as the basket. Quality merchandise!!!”—Cheffie136

Price: $79 (originally $129)


A pressure washer so you can recreate all those soothing video compilations at home. You may end up getting hooked and pressure washing your neighbor’s house, too!

A model using the pressure washer on a stone birdhouse


Promising review: “I never thought of buying a power washer, then my wife convinced me about the time savings, and she was spot on. I’ll never regret this unit. Easy to install parts, only four screws that’s it. Perfect for cleaning lawn furniture and decks.”—John5319

Price: $99 (originally $158.99)


A robot vacuum that’ll literally make a map of your house, so you can be sure it’s not missing any of those dusty corners.

The robot vaccum with a phone showing the app


Promising review: “The best vacuum Ive ever had. I set the timer and it starts the same time everyday. The first week it maps all the rooms it needs to clean, then it just cleans. The best feature is is the grid pattern it follows. It will stop every once in a while to reorient itself if a piece of furniture is moved, then it resumes cleaning never missing a spot. It also comes with floor tape to block off areas you don’t want cleaned. I like this vacuum so much I am getting one for my daughter. My floors have never been cleaner.”—Julia

Price: $199 (originally $394)


A Lenovo smart clock to wake you up, let you talk to Google, listen to music and podcasts, and even has a built-in night-light.

A model looking at the smart clock


Promising review: “Awesome clock. The time and temperature is big enough for me to read without my glasses. When I turn out the lights the display dims automatically. I use the Google Assistant to turn lights on and off, play music, and get weather. “—Vinnie

Price: $24.88 (originally $49)


A SodaStream Fizzi that’ll make your seltzer habit a little easier on the wallet and the environment.

The blue CO2 canister and blue SodaStream


Promising review: “This is our secondnd soda stream.. We add a small amount of fruit juice to a glass with the CO2 water for a refreshing beverage. Filtered water from the refrigerator is so flat. The plastic bottles are great for the fridge and the smaller ones are perfect when we are away from home. No reason to ever buy water in bottles, waste money and produce plastic waste.”—Tootsie

Price: $49.99 (originally $89.99, available in four colors)


A towel set because it’s time to replace your old, flat towels. There’s nothing better than drying off with a fresh, fluffy towel, and you deserve that luxury.

The grey towels on a bathroom counter


Promising review: “I liked everything about the set—quality, quantity, price. The set was the right thickness and softness and the size of the towels, rags, and hand towels were pleasantly bigger than I expected.”—Latosha

Price: $24.98 (originally $57.60, available in five colors)


A pair of Bose Quiet Comfort headphones that are just like, The Headphones you hear about when you’re looking for noise canceling headphones, and it’s because they’re absolutely legit.

The black over-ear headphones


Promising review: “These surprised me as how quiet they are and I haven’t even turned on the noise canceling. Just putting them on makes most of the noise go away. And they are very comfortable. Of course given Bose sound it sounds amazing. I can connect to my PC and my phone at the same time so I don’t have to switch back and forth.”—Jeff

Price: $199 (originally $349, available in two colors)


A Garmin golf GPS so you’ll be able to perfectly pinpoint where you are on the course, and keep score digitally.

The black GPS screen


Promising review: “Reasonable price with easy to see contrasted screen in bright daylight. Acquires satellite signal rapidly. Load the Garmin G-10 program to our computer and follow instructions to download updates. The program will check for course updates each time you connect the USB recharging cord.”—Richard

Price: $99.99 (originally $191.37)


A Lodge cast iron skillet that’s the perfect multipurpose kitchen tool. There’s pretty much nothing you can cook that won’t taste better in a cast iron pan.

A roasted chicken in the cast iron skillet


Promising review: “I love my cast iron and Lodge didn’t let me down! This skillet is a perfect size. I use mine on a glass top stove without any issues, just be sure you pick it up to move it as sliding it could scratch the surface. I appreciate the fact that they are pre-seasoned! Cleaning them is as easy as any non-stick pan. I don’t ever have to worry about a skillet warping again and this skillet should last me the rest of my life!!”—Wormie

Price: $14.88 (originally $26.75)


A mechanic’s tool set with all the tools you’ll need to totally take control of your car. No more hour long waits just to get an oil change!

The black toolbox full of tools


Promising review: “This tool set is the bomb, it has everything (with very few exceptions) I could need or want. Be prepared, this collection is heavy with quality tools”—LarryL

Price: $98 (originally $148)


A jogging stroller system that’ll make it basically seamless to take your baby on runs. Or jogs. Or brisk walks. Or strolls. Whatever floats your boat.

The black stroller and car seat system


Promising review: “I purchased this for my newborn just as I did for my two year old. I love this travel system. The carseat has a newborn insert that I love and have noticed a lot of others don’t have. The safety features are amazing, it is a perfect fit for my baby and I love how the carseat clicks into the stroller. The stroller is very well made and the wheels are sturdy and it can go on all terrains which is a big reason I chose the jogging stroller travel system. The cupholders and large storage area underneath is a huge plus. I highly recommend buying this travel system. It is very easy to clean and lightweight so you can pack it to go with you anywhere.”—Sara

Price: $119.99 (originally $239.99)


An enameled Dutch oven because it’s the It Pan right now. You can make gorgeous food that just happens to also be super Instagrammable.

The blue dutch oven full of stew


Promising review: “I purchased this oven to make homemade bread for the first time. This is the first Dutch oven I’ve ever owned so I don’t have any other brands to compare it to. All I can say is my bread was perfect; golden and crispy on the outside and pillowy soft on the inside so this oven worked to give me a perfect result. I am so happy I didn’t buy a fancier more expensive Dutch oven. I love this one!”—Johncie

Price: $39.98 (originally $59.97, available in four colors)


A plush robe that’s perfect for doing double duty — it’s practical for after the shower, and great for keeping warm when your house is just a little bit too chilly. Plus it’s honestly a little glam, in a “I just got back from the spa” kind of way.

A model wearing the pink plush robe


Promising review: “If you want to feel luxurious on a budget. Get it. Thats it. Thank me later!”—Sara

Price: $10.99 (originally $26, available in five colors)


A cordless stick vacuum for cleaning all those little spots that you’d never be able to reach otherwise. I’m coming for you, abandoned spiderweb in the living room ceiling corner!!

A model using the vacuum in a living room


Promising review: “I work at a mattress store and brought this vacuum because of its cordless ability, swivability, and bendability. It is easy to get under the beds with its foldable option, and it is cordless so you can get around the whole store without having to unplug your vacuum. Great buy!”—Alissa

Price: $149 (originally $249)


An electric shaver that has attachments for pretty much any part of the body. Your nose, ears, face, and more will be perfectly groomed with this puppy.

The shaver and attachments


Promising review: “I was looking for something inexpensive, yet effective since barbers/hair stylists cannot see clients. I was pleasantly surprised!!! They were simple to use and and my husband and son look decent! Would definitely recommend!”—Amber

Price: $17.95 (originally $25.95)


A dual-band router so you can finally access the wifi on the far side of your house.

The black router


Promising review: “Linksys is trusted and has been around for awhile. Couldn’t beat the online price for this one. So far so good, 15 devices hooked up and still steady streaming. Really enjoy the 5G separate wifi. Reserved that for myself.”—Edward

Price: $79 (originally $149)


A solar security light that’ll add an extra layer of security to your house, while also making it easier to walk to your door when it’s dark out (even if that’s like 4pm now).

The white solar panel and security light


Promising review: “It is a nice solar light for the price. I installed it in my yard for when my dogs go out, and it has worked well for the week it has been up. The light is bright, and the motion sensor has worked well, detecting my dogs every time. It was easy to install. I plan on purchasing another light for another location in my yard.”—Penny2424

Price: $19.98 (originally $54.99)


A convertible futon with USB and power hookups so you can lounge without having to worry about your devices.

The grey futon in a living room


Promising review: “We are extremely pleased with this convertible futon. It is super sturdy and comfortable to sit and easily converts as a bed. Assembly was less than 10 minutes and was quite easy. The futon is high quality and we love the blue color. USB charger on the side is a big plus too. Very well designed (size was perfect for us, not bulky at all) and built. Would definitely recommend.”—Abhinav

Price: $159 (originally $249, available in four colors)


A Little Green spot cleaner that’s a necessity if you have pets, kids, or if you (like me) are just incredibly clumsy.

A model using the spot cleaner on a chair


Promising review: “I loved this product! The cord is actually quite long as well as the hose. This makes it easy for me to set down the machine as I clean. It cleans quite well, and you do not have to vacuum your couch or floor beforehand because this machine will pick it up. It also came with a trial size for the liquid cleaner which was awesome as I waited in the mail for my larger bottle of cleaner. I absolutely love this product!”—Kayley

Price: $79 (originally $110)


A Google Nest Mini perfect for listening to music, chatting with your smart assistant, and just making your whole home a little bit smarter.

The round blue smart speaker


Promising review: “Great product, just what I needed. The sound quality is great, responds well to my voice commands and it works as an intercom with my Google Home. The color looks adorable in my room. Fast shipping too.”—Heather

Price: $29 (originally $49, available in four colors)


A Nespresso machine that’ll totally upgrade your morning cup of Joe. Those fancy espresso drinks are now a total breeze to make!

The black machine and two cups of coffee


Promising review: “Absolutely love this Nespresso machine. It makes life so much easier. I love the sleek design on it and it doesn’t take up too much counter space. The coffee always comes out excellent with this. Even great for espressos. Always the perfect size and taste. Highly recommend this to anyone.”—rabeeab

Price: $99 (originally $149)


A Fitbit so you can accurately track how many steps you’re taking, whether you’re already walking for miles a day, or just going from your bed to your desk to your couch and could use a little inspiration to get moving again.

The white Fitbit with a black face


Promising review: “This Fitbit was everything I expected. It arrived in less than 48 hours and came with two different size bands. I love the dusty rose color. It was so easy to set up, even this grandma was able to do it. It is comfortable to wear and I love the reminders to get active that I set. I am very pleased with this product and am giving one as a gift soon.”—Susan

Price: $69 (originally $99.95)


A set of Pyrex mixing bowls that are useful in any kitchen. You can mix, cook, store, and more in these.

The glass bowls with colorful lids


Promising review: “SO happy with these so far. Beautiful bowls that are also very durable AND come with lids. I’m using them as mixing bowls that I can also put in the microwave to melt butter (most other mixing bowls say not microwave safe). I’m also using them as serving bowls since they look nice. All in all great purchase.”—Nicole

Price: $19.97 (originally $29.97)


A pair of Muk Luks booties, because your feet deserve the most warmth this winter. You’re worth it.

The grey and sherpa booties


Promising review: “I went up one size, very comfortable. Will be super warm in the winter. Nice looking and very good stitching.”—LPrice

Price: $25 (originally $65, available in two colors and sizes 6-10)


A pillow massager that’ll finally crush those stubborn knots in your neck and lower back for good.

The black and red pillow massager


Promising review: “I absolutely love this massager. I haven’t been able to get to my masseuse but this has done the trick. It rotates in two different directions and I can use it anywhere on my back comfortably. And the heated feature helps to relax you too. I definitely recommend this product.”—Jerrilynn

Price: $19.99 (originally $39.99)


A phone controlled garage door opener so you don’t have to constantly worry about the standard opener dying and having to find those weird tiny watch batteries to revive it.

The opener and accessories


Promising review: “This is an amazing garage door opener. It is much smaller (size) than my old opener but its 1/2 HP DC motor gets the job done. Very quiet operation. Follow the directions and it is an easy installation. Great customer support as well. Priced right. I highly recommend this garage door opener.”—BigkidinMaine

Price: $149 (originally $220)


A Waterpik that’ll maybe be the thing that actually makes the dental hygienist proud of you at your annual cleaning.

The Waterpik


Promising review: “It does a fantastic job for me! I wish I had bought one years ago. I have a couple of crowns that can be troublesome and sometimes even though I floss it’s hard to keep them as clean as I would like. The Waterpik does a fantastic job without causing undue irritation or pain. Still use the regular floss but this makes the process so much easier and better. Also it’s the perfect size for me, my bathroom is rather small and it just fits my situation perfectly. Highly recommended”—TLD21

Price: $44.99 (originally $64.97, available in two colors)


A Wi-Fi thermostat so you can adjust the temperature more easily and automatically save some energy to boot.

The thermostat on a wall behind a desk


Promising review: “I am in shock because my A/C actually runs more efficiently!!!!! I bought this to upgrade the look and be able to have WiFi but am blown away at how my A/C cools my house faster and actually shuts off where it used to just run all day!!! Absolutely blown away!”—WalmartCustomer

Price: $99 (originally $149)


A self-cleaning litter box that both you and Mr. Tibbles will appreciate.

A cat using the litter box


Promising review: “I cannot believe I went without this. ALL CAT OWNERS NEED THIS! I LOVE LOVE IT! No smell, no poop showing, more importantly no daily maintenance… must have!”—Rody918

Price: $99.95 (originally $139.95)


A set of fleece lined leggings to wear on their own or under jeans for the ultimate in coziness.

Two models wearing the black leggings


Promising review: “These are thick enough that you don’t see through them, but not too heavy! Warm and fuzzy inside—I’m ordering more!”—Jamie

Price: $15.96 (originally $24.96, available in three sets of colors and two sizes)


A snow thrower that’ll forever relieve you from having to shovel the driveway (or pay a neighbor kid to do it).

The blue and black snow thrower


Promising review: “I’ve only used it a handful of times, but each time I appreciate not having to shovel! Works great for Montana’s heavy wet snow.”—MusicFeedsMySoul

Price: $134 (originally $224.99)

Don’t forget to check out the rest of their exciting deals before they sell out!

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The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.


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