26 Extremely Specific People Literally Every Single Millennial Knew Growing Up

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That one kid that SWORE this was true:

Teacher: *shows up .0373 seconds late*

“You know if she doesn’t show up in 15 minutes we’re legally allowed to leave”


That one kid whose desk always looked like a this:

very messy desk


That one kid who was always spelling out “bad” words on their calculator:

calculator reading boobless


That one kid who was the reason these got banned:

#ImOldEnoughToRememberWhen silly bands were banned across all elementary playground


That one kid that was always just randomly vomiting:

tweet reading remember that phase of grade school when it was pretty common for kids to just randomly throw up in the middle of class


That one kid who thought it was cool to use a pencil like this:

very tiny pencil


That one kid who always used this excuse:

anyone remember that one kid in elementary school who’s excuse for everything was “it’s a free country”


That one kid who was always cracking their back on this kind of chair:


That one theater kid who had an unbelievable amount of energy early in the morning:

I’m sick of coffee I want whatever theater kids consumed that made them act like that at 8am


That one kid that’d always say “hey, look over here” and do this:


That one kid who always ran around like this:

jr look like one of those kids in school that watch too much naruto and run down the hallway like this


That one kid who had a second fridge in their garage, a Garage Fridge:

fridge in a garage


That one kid who was a liiiiiittle too obsessed with horses:

Everyone had that one girl in their class who was a little too obsessed with horses. If you don’t remember, it was you.


That one kid who was always pulling this gross shit:

pin through a finger

Halfdark / Getty Images


That one kid who just shoved everything any which way:

tweet reading the dudes who just shoved their papers in their backpacks with no folders in school are all in prison now


That one kid who had, like, seven different versions of this shirt:

pink camo monkey t shirt


That one kid who just screamed all the time:

tweet reading those kids in your class who scream right when the teacher turns off the lights


That one kid who was the prime source of these kinds of rumors:

tumblr post about the rumor about how marilyn manson got his ribs removed


That one kid who had some variation of this as their profile picture on social media:

spongebob flashing money


That one kid who was always peeling glue off their hand:

put glue on our hand so we can peel it off


That one kid who wore a shirt that somehow didn’t get banned from school:

shirt reading protect your nuts


That one kid who always put their mouth full on the water fountain:

kid putting his mouth on a water fountain faucet


That one kid who would always do this with their eyes:

kid with his eyelids pulled back


That one kid who was already ready to throw hands at the crack of dawn:

tweet reading how were mfers in high school up at 730 am ready to fight


That one kid with absolutely gigantic shoes:

big shoes


And that one kid who always had the PREMIER fruit snacks in their lunch:

scooby doo fruit snacks


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