16 Reasons Why "Gossip Girl's" Thanksgiving Episodes Are Superior To Other TV Shows

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Hey there, Upper East Siders. I’m here to tell you all the reasons WHY Gossip Girl has some of the best Thanksgiving episodes ever. After all, revenge is a dish best served cold and that just so happens to be the GG speciality.

The CW

Don’t get me wrong, there are other shows out there that are top contenders for TG-themed episode — namely Friends. But, any TRUE fan of Thanksgiving and messy drama can agree that GG edges out the iconic sitcom.

Blair telling Serena that Thanksgiving is nothing without drama

The CW

So allow me to explain to you why Gossip Girl is the reigning champ of Thanksgiving television:

First of all, the episode names? I-CON-IQUE! Truly a cultural reset.

Blair trying to keep Serena from falling off of a chair

The CW

“Blair Waldorf Must Pie!”; “The Magnificent Archibalds”; “The Treasure of Serena Madre”. *Chef’s kiss*

The food? Delicious. Like, I wish I had personal chefs who could make food that good.

A Thanksgiving spread

The CW


SPECIFICALLY, the dessert. More specific than that? The PIE!

Blair looking down at an apple pie

The CW


Like, of course the food is pretty to look at, but also the fashion! My family usually wears pajamas and sweats — more room for the food — but the GG squad dresses to the nines.

Blair talking to her mother

The CW

We have no choice but to stan!

A few more looks, because why not.

Blair in various outfits

The CW

Thanksgiving dinner or Paris Fashion Week?

Enough about the accoutrement, lets get onto the main course: THE DRAMA!

Blair confronting Dorota about tea

The CW

If you think you family has drama, you’ve never met the van der Woodsens. In season one, we had the tea with Serena and Dan dating…without knowing that their parents also used to date!

Lily talking to Rufus and Alison in the Humphrey kitchen

The CW

Not to mention us finding out why Blair’s dad and mom got divorced — because he left her for one of Eleanor’s male models and they live together in Paris.

The CW

Then, as if you could even top the aforementioned drama, in the second season Nate’s dad gets ARRESTED BY THE FBI!

The Captain being escorted out by the FBI

The CW

And before the hors d’oeuvres! A travesty.

Season three is a bit calmer…SIKE! TBT to Serena’s affair with Congressman Tripp.

Serena and Tripp standing in the foyer looking gobsmacked

The CW

Like, I do not condone adultery, but this tryst reunited Nate and Serena, so I guess the ends justify the means on this one.

But also, this comes with some good news — finally — and that’s Dorota’s pregnancy!

Dorota revealing to her boyfriend that she's pregnant

The CW

Dorota is too good for any of us.

The following season involves an overdosed Serena laying in a hospital, but she didn’t take the drugs! It was a coup d’etat by the world’s worst trio in television (Jenny, Juliet, and Vanessa).

The CW

No one believes her — aside from Dan — which is why this episode is appropriately called “Gaslit.”

The CW

No one believes her — aside from Dan — which is why this episode is appropriately called “Gaslit.”

No season five TG episode — sad! — but that’s to make way for the jam-packed season six saga! Which involves A LOT, including Nate punching Dan square in the face.

Nate punching Dan in the face

The CW

Frankly, he deserved it for writing that chapter about Serena / being Gossip Girl all along.

There’s also nothing I love more than a themed clapback:

Eric telling Jenny that her sweet potatoes are bland at the dinner table

The CW

So simple, and yet so effective.

However, despite all the drama that ensues, the episodes — usually — end with the crew putting aside their differences and enjoying time with their loved ones*.

The Humphreys, Lily, and Vanessa sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner

The CW

*Actually…that’s a lie. That MAYBE only happened once or twice, but it’s the sentiment that counts!

And if NONE OF THAT CONVINCED YOU, I shall leave you with these two words: ~Whatcha Say~.

The van der Woodsen dinner table at Thanksgiving

The CW

Honorable mention goes out to “The Only Exception” by Paramore which plays at the end of the episode.

And there you have it, folks! My case for why Gossip Girl has the best Thanksgiving episodes, periodt. After all, I’m a messy stan who lives for the drama!


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