Poll: Fiancé and best friend making out on wedding eve, what will you do?


If you catch your fiancé kissing your best friend on your wedding eve, what will you do?

Fiancé kissing your best friend
You have dated this guy for over two years, worked and planned, even with your best friend supporting all the way. 

And then, on your wedding eve, you catch both of them making out, what will you do?
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Move on and leave them both
He's probably drunk, We will fix things out and continue, but best friend must go
Keep both fiancé and girlfriend, we move on
Leave fiance and move on with my best friend, if he cheated with her, he would still cheat with someone else someday!
Overlook it and move on with everything as if nothing happened

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2 Responses

  • Life is very long to let a kiss destroy things. I know others may not agree, but put the anger and rush of cortisol aside, it all comes down to this, life is too long.
    At least you know whom to hold if hubby goes missing 😂

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