18 Shady Yet Accurate Questions People Have For Rich People

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I must admit, lighthearted dragging is my favorite. Here are some shady/accurate questions that not rich people have for rich people.


why do rich people buy huge tan and brown couches? ugly hotel room ass taste

Twitter: @nh_hell


why do rich people always act like it’s IMPOSSIBLE for them to become poor, not matter how much they “want” to

first of all fuck you, second of all, give us all your money, we’ll redistribute it

Twitter: @worshipthesun_


Why do rich people throw their money in water ?

Twitter: @_JaquelCiarra


Why do rich people with easy access to clean water and bathing products choose to be this nasty https://t.co/SYJempLGt4

Twitter: @666GETOU


why do rich people never have phone cases omg

Twitter: @eviloobnar


Why do rich people go to their house through their garages???? And not front doors ????

Twitter: @tokyo_namu


why do rich people always have like a glass of whiskey in shows

Twitter: @ashton_lu19


Why do rich people ruin everything? Right now I’m talking about Marfa, Texas. And Austin, too. Now they’re going to destroy space. Go for it, Rich People! Soon, there will be nothing left for you to destroy! (You do know everybody dies?)

Twitter: @MadMadSyl


Why do rich people insist on wearing winter coats in the summer?

Twitter: @_Venabme


Why do rich people act surprised when they get expensive gifts or expensive cars. Lol your fucking rich you can the that shocked.

Twitter: @whoahdee__


Why do rich people reduce their age while poor people always add to theirs?

Twitter: @AramideAdepoju


Just spent 20 minutes driving around a rich area looking at houses I just have one question why do rich people not like curtains? do they just want you to look inside?

Twitter: @Huemen_


why do rich people want to be like poor people so badly though

Twitter: @lesbiabchuu


why do rich people always have the ugliest fits like…………is that the trade off for money? you gotta sacrifice the drip?

Twitter: @rpdjns


Why do rich people have white ass top veneers and then their bottom teeth look like wood planks

Twitter: @chanlerseth


why do rich people flex their food that was $1,000 a plate like that is one singular lettuce leaf no one is impressed

Twitter: @brihindthescene


Why do rich people get offended when you say they’re rich lol

Twitter: @ltsJustGreg

Well, y’all, sound off in the comments with answers, rebuttals, and whatever you want. Be nice 🙂


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