18 Fan Reactions To "After We Collided" That Are Seriously So Accurate

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While After We Collided isn’t exactly your traditional holiday film, the sequel hit Netflix on December 22 and got fans instantly talking. It’s the follow-up to 2019’s After and is based on Anna Todd’s YA book series.

Tessa in After We Collided


Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin reprised their roles as the on-and-off couple named Tessa and Hardin. Dylan Sprouse also joined the cast as Trevor Matthews.

On January 2, it was confirmed that the tumultuous saga will continue sometime this year with the upcoming release of After We Fell and After Ever Happy from director Castille Landon. Check out the full announcement below:

Happy New Year!! We have exciting things in store for 2021 as our wonderful director @castillelandon brings to life #AfterWeFellMovie & #AfterEverHappyMovie

As we await more news on the next installments of After, we’ve rounded up some of the best fan reactions to the 2020 sequel so far. Take a look below:


Come on girls….if your boyfriend treats you like Hardin, move on and find yourself a Trevor 👏👏#AfterWeCollided


Everybody saying this movie wasnt good but i kind of liked it #AfterWeCollided


watching after we collided with my mom and the sex scene pops up i-


I just finished #AfterWeCollided and Tessa girl…


Let me get this straight: she turned down a job promotion, free college tuition 👀, a good looking & great quality man who ALSO got a promotion in Trevor for an unemployed cheater w/substance abuse, family drama, anger issues & continues to embarrass her? #AfterWeCollided



so I’ve just watched after we collided, I am surely not the only person who was confused AF for a while on who Hardin’s dad and wife were, then realised they changed the cast from the first wedding 🤦😂 #AfterWeCollided


After We Collided on Netflix got me like: 😯😢😃🥺❤️🥲😡😃

10/10 🤣


Why are Zack, Frank and Caroline in #AfterWeCollided


tessa should be with trevor😭. #AfterWeCollided


It’s the lifetime movie style car accident for me!!! #AfterWeCollided


Hardin running after the ambulance😭#afterwecollided


The acting was… but I really started screaming at my TV when this chick ended up with Hardin instead of Trevor #AfterWeCollided


If you feel ridiculous, remember: the nine days in After we collided happened because Hardin got crazy when Tessa said “zed” sleeping


Someone tell me how the fuck I ever recover from the ending of After we collided


#AfterWeCollided … The character development change almost made me feel like I was watching a different movie. Never seen so much fucking drama 😂


Hero: I’m team Hardin
Jo: I’m team Tessa
Me: I’m team herophine


Happy New Year from Hero & Jo 🙌🏼

Tessa energy: Hardin energy:

Did you watch After We Collided? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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