15 Things That Always Happen In American Restaurants

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The surplus of napkins:

One thing I don’t understand is why do American restaurants give you so many napkins? I feel like every time I go out, the staff is expecting a huge spill or something?


The electricity waste:

Why do American restaurants have their lights on even after they shut down for the day? #genuinequestion


The misuse of French words:

Why do American restaurants call the main course an entree? Why would you do this.


The cold water in cold weather:

why do american restaurants serve ice water in winter? do other countries do this?


The tea science:

To my fellow British ex-pats, anyone know why American restaurants refuse to make tea with boiling water and a teapot?


The crappy background noise:

Why do American restaurants have SO bad acoustics!?


The buttered veggies:

Why do American restaurants think it’s normal to put butter on broccoli?


The enormous “servings”:

Watching Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares (bugger all else on). Why do American restaurants serve such BIG portions? Puts me right off.


The dozens of drinks:

why do american restaurants have so many drink options like do yall really need that many variations of sugar mixed with water?


The Oreo obsession:

Why do American restaurants have to throw oreos in every single dessert they make?!?!


And the pickle obsession:

Why do American restaurants give you pickles on the side of everything?


The AC problem:

WHY ARE AMERICAN RESTAURANTS SO FUCKING COLD came in for dinner and left with hypothermia


The mislabeling:

Why do American restaurants always try to pass off ham as Canadian Bacon. #notcanadianeh


The lack of flavor:

are american restaurants allergic to seasoning their burger patties or what


And the TV overload:

Please tell me why American restaurants have to ruin perfectly beautiful ambience by adding TVs 🤔🤦‍♀️


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