14 Horrifying Secrets And Stories From Water Parks That Make Me Physically Ill

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Recently, we asked water park employees from the BuzzFeed Community to share their most bizarre stories and secrets from the job. Here are what they, and others from u/Hilta‘s Reddit thread, had to say.


“All of the lifeguards pee in the water. Sometimes that’s why we jump in for a ‘save’ — just to use the restroom real quick. When the sign says don’t drink pool water, it’s for a good reason.”

Fox Broadcasting Company / Via gph.is


“Once, we had someone break in at night and defecate in the middle of the lap pool. The skimmers couldn’t reach it, so we sent a lifeguard in to retrieve the waste. The lifeguard ended up getting really sick the next day and was unable to work for a week.”



“One time, the plumbers raised the water level on a slide to repair it, but the new level ended up causing a ‘bidet’ effect — a massive amount of water went up someone’s butt and we had to call the paramedics.”

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“Whenever someone got sick in the pool, we would just pour a bottle of bleach into the pool instead of cleaning it properly. That’s why most lifeguards refuse to swim in the pools unless they absolutely have to.”



“We only clean the wave pool and lazy rivers once a week on Sunday, so I’d recommend you only go to the park on a Monday.”

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“At one of the attractions, a guard told me that there was a nail in someone’s foot. I was confused at first, but apparently an 8-year-old girl had stepped on a 4-inch screw left behind from a maintenance check.”



“We find really yucky things in the water — used condoms, dirty diapers, and lots of poop. Sometimes we won’t even get the poop out of the pools. We just wait for the chlorine to disintegrate it.”

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“My son once vomited in the lazy river and to clean it up, the lifeguard just scooped out whatever puke he could with a five-gallon bucket. Gross!”



“I used to work at the concession stands at a water park and people would pull soaking wet money out of places money shouldn’t be, so everyone was getting back change that was once wet boob money.”

Nickelodeon / Via media.giphy.com


“My sister used to work at a water park and would constantly have to deal with diapers in the lazy river and kids pooping on slides.”



“People strip naked to change everywhere! There were always so many butts right in the middle of the sidewalks.”

Passion Distribution / Via gph.is


“There’s a lot of creepy sex stuff that happens at the park, like people masturbating in the sauna rooms.”


“I’m a slide cleaner and you wouldn’t believe what nasty stuff collects in it — dried puke, eyelashes, and fingernails.”

CBC / Via gph.is


And, “It was senior day for local high schools, and a big group of kids decided to knock the lifeguards out of the way and go down a slide all at once. The slide collapsed from the weight and everyone fell to the ground.”


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.


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